Svatekl2 Mod Pack v. Rubicon

Svatekl2 Mod Pack is unique, it includes in itself a clean and simple installer, with a cool option to import and export your mod pack selection… With that you can get your whole clan to install the same mods as you without having to list everyone one of them. Other than that Svatekl2 is also a famous YouTuber that comes from the NA server.

The mod pack includes over 70 different mods and is compatible with the latest game update 0.9.15!

Mod Pack Image:



How to Enable XVM:

Donator pack:


Download the mod pack, run it, select the preferred mods, and click install!

Download links located at:



60 thoughts on “Svatekl2 Mod Pack v. Rubicon”

  1. NKH says:

    pls rlease new ver for 9.6

    1. Mat says:

      Yeah this is the only modpack I like, the rest kinda suck

  2. asfaf says:

    Where you release new version for 9.6 WOT?

  3. sweetboi says:

    last release has bug 🙁 not applicable

  4. oteleanu aurel says:

    until the last modepack i had no problem but the svatekl2 9.6 v5.3 modified my RO version into EN version .
    I repet the instalation of WOT and instal the modepack again …the same problem appear (change my RO version in EN version)
    please help!!

    1. admin says:

      ModPaсk updated

  5. oteleanu aurel says:

    i have the last update v5.3 your recomaddation is upgrade… to what?

    1. oteleanu aurel says:

      sorry man,i upgrade to the v5.4 but the same rezult…change my RO version to EN version if you can help more than that please do it….

  6. v5.6 is pretty much stable! Should work for everyone without any problems 🙂

  7. Shaun says:

    After installing mod my game turns off mid battle, log back in and I’ve missed 2 minutes of the battle. Why?

  8. asdf says:

    auto installer Do not download

  9. Eli says:

    Hey after this recent install I cannot play . I press Battle , then it wont go into the game . It stays where all the names are of both teams .

  10. Marek says:

    Ahoj, chtel by jsem se zeptpat, jestli existuje mod na sčítání dmg v rámci spotování. A jestli by bylo možné to přidat do vaseho programu, dekuji za odpoved

  11. svatekl2 says:

    Svatekl2’s Mod Pack v9.4 Changelog:

    Bug with sound disappearing was fixed
    Tessu mod re-enabled
    XVM was updated to stable version
    Cyan Crosshair is back
    Missions Progress (In Battle) was added
    Mod to look at tanks you don’t own was added
    Gnomefathers sound mod was enabled
    Fixed various bugs there and here
    …and other changes there and here 🙂

  12. player says:

    love it if you can put gnome fathers back other than that the mod pack is great

  13. __COUZEY__ says:

    Auto aim action does not work unfortunately in last update 9.12. whats the problem ??

  14. lozai bruno says:


    depuis que j’ai installé svaltekl2 sur wot, quand je joue les camouflages ne sont pas sur les chars alors qu’ils sont dans le garage.

    Y a t’il un réglage à effectuer.

  15. lozai bruno says:

    help please, when i play the camo of the tanks have disapears.
    thanks you

    1. svatekl2 says:

      Try the new version (v10.2) should have fixed most bugs known at the moment 🙂

  16. marco says:

    Hello, since my position is on the European server, I want to ask if when I went on the Russian server or Asia, whit you Donator Pack, I can buy tanks that are not normally present on my server.
    What then, of course, they remain in my garage.
    Thanks for your Modpack that I find useful and of good quality, and good work.

  17. Donald says:

    Ok. So i did download v11.3. Than i open it and i still get the msg, that i need to update it.
    Pls help 🙁

  18. _RedOrDead says:

    V11.3 seems to be broken. Keeps saying there is a new version available andtakes you back to V11.3 download link.

  19. Mark says:

    Now I am getting a notice in the garage, in the notification center that says:

    [ZJ] Marker Re-Load v0.9.13 build 078
    The end of the trial period to 2016-02-01
    Please update modification !

    This notice appeared after installing your mod pack and as far as I see, this has nothing to do with you. Why is this notification coming up when it has nothing to do with this mod pack or you? – its from someone else.

    1. Metal says:

      Yeah…same here…I looked that mod up an it is a Russian Cheat Mod…great I have a cheat mod notice for WG to see!

  20. Jaret says:

    I have your mod pack and love it. I want to try some other mods that are on the list how do I find that list? Second question is when there is an update which option do I select? Thanks for your help and time.

  21. saulius says:


    do you have modpac for a 9.14 version.?????
    Last whati have in 9.12 was nice…

  22. hello says:

    i just loaded this and when i launch wot comes game resource path does not exist

    1. TwoBeerBarry says:

      if you tried reinstalling the MOD pack after you updated to 9.14, then most likely what happened is the MOD pack installed 0.9.13 into your mod_res folder. That’s what happened with mine at least. If you’re not going to go with another MOD pack for now. go [drive letter]( e.g. C:)/games/world of tanks/mod_res and create a new folder named 0.9.14.

  23. TwoBeerBarry says:

    I love your MOD. I’ve tried others, but IMO they aren’t near as good as yours. I can’t wait for the updated one though. I miss it. Having to use Aslain’s for now. But not real happy with it. When’s the update going to happen?

  24. TwoBeerBarry says:

    Installer continuously crashing on clean install page for me

  25. und1spu73d says:

    Instaler crash at start…

  26. Reboelje says:

    here the same installer crashing on install…..

  27. mehdi says:

    too here the same installer crashing on install

  28. mehdi says:

    plz help me

  29. slaske says:

    dosent work inst… is going down

  30. YourPanties says:

    its not working for me :(, everytime i open it . says cannot respond . . any ideas?

  31. Reboelje says:

    Great its working…. thanks i love this modpack

    1. svatekl2 says:

      You are welcome!

  32. Banya says:

    Can’t seem to join dynamic platoons in game or request dynamic platoons.

    Great mod pack btw. It’s awesome!,

  33. Laur says:

    Can you integrate also Xft-IntegratedDamageLogs? I think it looks better…thx

  34. 4Romm says:

    Cant join a dynamic platoon in game. Seems to be a bug.

  35. Swity_Mikoaj says:

    Joining platoon in battle doesn’t work 🙁 Please fix. It works fine with other mod packs and in vanila so it must be some bug of this one. Thanks for great pack!

  36. Banya says:

    Replays dont seem to work either. When i try to play a replay off of it gets hung up.

  37. Obsidian_Rose says:

    In 12.2 you enabled more mods, among other “Spotted Alert Sounds”, I usualy use the “quiet” one, but now the sound it installs does not match the old one (which you still can hear if you click the little headphones, preview button), maybe some wires got crossed 🙂

    1. jhubski says:

      why i cannot buy a tank enough credits experience as well no buy options

  38. DawidD7 says:

    cant buy a tank in the latest update

  39. Banya says:

    It looks like its the XVM hitlog. I removed that and everything works ok now, buy tanks, and load replays.
    So its in the XVm part of the mod somewhere.


  40. Steve says:

    Great MOD pack, just using the latest version 12.3 and the feature to mount and demount consumables using F3 key does not work. Any clues?

  41. Jaret says:

    Can not buy any tanks, is there something I need to do? Please advise.

    1. Steve says:

      just go to download the latest mod and install over svatek mod. Dosent change anything in the mod. Worked for me.

  42. davy says:

    can you add SMG alert six sense sound. i used to that sound but i like your mod pack.

  43. malfrat77 says:

    best mod pack for me 🙂 no lag even on my old rig pc. version 13.2 seem to work with but only carousel was disapear from the game 🙂 really happy that you maintain this pack to 13.3 so fast, thx and gg 🙂

  44. kerkezeto says:

    Gambiter’s hitlog and the lightbulbs aren’t working for me since the last update.

  45. FRPlayer says:

    Don’t download the last update (rubicon). It doesn’t work and need windows Smartscreen needs to be deactivated. Virus ?

  46. Roman says:

    What a great reading about god, btw i belive in him, but WE ALL KNOW THE WORLD IS BAD and only good people makes good things and im a good guy. But sometimes good guys need to play and have fun, sometimes i go to pool or party but im not bad for that. Im not killing people, dont steal money and I dont harm people and Im not an angel for that. Im normal man. Be normal too… i dont know how many time you spent in wot… me also spent many hours in game and not in my company (selfempoyer I am) but please dont try to be the best person in world. Be just good and think.
    BTW: Thanks for your great job with mods in wot… its makes me alvays happy when u was released new modpack. Its saved my time and make all easier… GJ… have long and happy life…

  47. bill says:

    Downloaded from link, booted up but says needs to update, clicked ok, and went to same place for download, but same thing, and there only 1 place to download it. mediafire. am i missing something?

    1. noob says:


  48. Stu says:

    It seems like every time I start using a mod pack they stop being updated after the next game update. Used this pack for a couple of weeks and then once the game updated they haven’t bothered to update the pack. I get so tired of this.

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