[1.4.0] Color Messages and Session Stats

This mod makes the message – colored, and also adds an informative statistics. Author: locastan & Tomonik & Awfultanker

Color messages:


Minimalistic version:



SessionStatistics&BattleResults(332 KB)

SessionStatistics&BattleResults(332 KB)

29 Replies to “[1.4.0] Color Messages and Session Stats”

  1. Well, I installed this again, as it is the *only* one I’ve been able to find – and the ‘details’ have been utterly wiped. I don’t get ANY after battle information now, other than wins/losses.

  2. This SessionStatistic_0.8.10_DW (<– its not same as 8.9 DWa, filename also is not DW its jeroohn)have bug on M12(USA SPG). Its will stop in garage. When you login or buy M12 into you garage.

    After I removed and relogin. its working fine.

    I think its should be the CameraNode.pyc have problem.

  3. I noticed that when I click in a tank with incomplete crew the game freezes and I get a “updating tankers” message that never goes away unless uninstalling this mod. Does not matter if I close the game and reopens it, the message is still there.

  4. This is to working properly for 9.0 It shows several basic stats – twice – but skips most of the stats it used to show.

  5. This is not working properly for WN8 on 4/20/2014. I have had battles where it is showing a ZERO score for WN8 – which is impossible. In the said battle I did 118 damage (in a t10 battle) which though extremely low should NOT result in a ZERO WN8. Additionally you have a win rate calculation which should always results in SOME WN8 score – albeit a small one.

    Additionally, the session stats are flawed. I had a series of 7 battles with a average WN8 score of 1831. Locastans session statistics is showing a 795.

  6. Can you make this a “program” so that i can alt tab and see a credits history with current credits and credits spent. basically like when you use a credit card, it give you history of each purchase.

  7. 初めまして


  8. 脱毛はしてみたいけど…という沖縄のあなた!

  9. Dont install this session statistics, I got the annoying popup virus reimage repair when I downloaded this. This program will open up a popup window everytime you browse internet, the popup side will ask you to download a program to scan ur windows pc, ofc I didnt download the shit but anyway after using anti virus scan,anit-malware scans I still cannot get rid of the problem and looking at guide’s to remove this shit. The session statistic doesnt even work ingame so.

  10. 脱毛エステが増加したとは言え、割安で、技術レベルも高い著名な脱毛エステに決めた場合、キャンセル待ちをしている人もいるので、すんなりと予約が取り辛いというケースも少なくありません。

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