[9.10] Statistic mod v2 (no xvm)





Meet a small mod statistics that does not use XVM.

This mod shows countries and languages player, as well as the personal rating of all players in current battle. Modification is compatible with the update 0.9.10. Author: BirrettaMalefica


Folder “res_mods” copy and paste into the root of the game. confirm the replacement


Statistics2 for 9.10 (200 Kb)

Statistics2 for 9.9 (200 Kb)

13 thoughts on “[9.10] Statistic mod v2 (no xvm)”

  1. L3LWoT says:

    I have a bug….
    how to fix that?

  2. L3LWoT says:


  3. ridji says:

    Please repair for update 9.8.1, thx.

  4. StariPanj says:

    Please update for 9.8.1 version. Thanks.

  5. Asia says:

    I want to use this mod in Asia server.
    How can I do it?
    I did try to keywords ‘asia’ and ‘sea’.
    But it is not working;;

  6. sancaktar_TR says:

    I have this mod and no need use xvm, therefore pc is not forced…thanks

  7. sancaktar_TR Read more https://tanksmod.com/statistic-mod-no-xvm/ says:

    need 9.12 pls

  8. Alex says:

    Please UPDATE 9.12

  9. daRoxX says:

    9.10 is not working on 9.12 i tested!^

  10. mordor says:

    please update, dont wanna use xvm

  11. Marc says:

    Is this mod fixable for 9.1.2? It worked great before but no longer works for 9.1.2..

  12. Marc says:

    This is the original link if anyone wants to run it through Google Translate and fix it.. I tried the player panels and it works but the tank markers do weird stuff.. 🙂 http://wotsite.net/mody-dlya-world-of-tanks/12176-lichnyj-rejting-igrokov-v-boyu-bez-xvm.html

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