[9.7] Standard Damage Panel Ver. 1.3.4 in the center


Damage Panel Ver. 1.3.4 in the center of the author Stl1te to 0.9.7

I once again found in the Russian forum, good mod (Stl1te Damage panel) and decided to remake it a bit for you:

In total, three different versions.




Download and choose a version

Copy the folder “0.9.7” in WOT / res_mods /


DmgPnl_int_count_97 (950 Kb)

2 thoughts on “[9.7] Standard Damage Panel Ver. 1.3.4 in the center”

  1. Arctic says:

    thx a lot, I missed this thing 😀

  2. Drahkan says:

    Great find! I’m running a really low-end machine so the ability to turn things completely invisible (the background, flame icon, tank silhouette, etc.) helps increase FPS noticeably.

    On the subject of turning things invisible with this mod: did you decompile the SWF, or just modify the xml files? I ask because if you’ve made code changes, it would be optimal if it was coded something similar to this, as invisible objects are much better than alpha=0 objects memory-wise:

    function changeAlpha( pTargetObj:DisplayObject, pAlpha:int ): void
    if (pAlpha < 1) { pTargetObj.alpha = 0; pTargetObj.visible = false; }
    else { pTargetObj.alpha = pAlpha; pTargetObj.visible = true; }

    It would be even better if you actually removed it from the Display List, but last time I decompiled a WoT gui SWF the code was extremely convoluted and relied on the Symbols Library/object names for just about everything, so removing/adding from the DL would probably cause a gazillion bugs. 🙂

    (…and if you *do* have the code, but don’t have the time to make these changes, I would gladly take a look at it myself. 😀 )

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