Sound “Thermowell” for World of Tanks

This mod will make your game more realistic and exciting. Here is the voice  “Thermowell” for World of Tanks

On our site you will find a large selection of voice  for the game for every taste. If you set yourself sound  “Thermowell”  you will feel the effect of a real fight. After each shot you can hear not only the sound of the falling shells but sound of shells falling specific caliber and specific military weapons .

You will feel like a soldier on the battlefield. The shots will be loud and clear. In total there are 6 variants of sound falling thermowell. But you shoud keep in mind that mod will be able to work only on the standard shots of the WG. On the other voices of shots your client will not work.


How to install:
Copy the audio folder, scripts and engine_config.xml file in WOT / res_mods /


Sound “Thermowell”  (4 MB)

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