Sound of lamp 6th sense without XVM for World of Tanks 9.15.2

The lamp of the sixth sense with  vast selection of voice, especially for World of Tanks

Good, bright, noticeable light of sixth sense plays an important role for the victory on the battlefield. Therefore, modification from category sixth sense must have each player. Today, we offer the most useful and functional mod. The lamp of 6th sense with sound. This means that on the battlefield, you will see not only lamp, which will inform you about the detection of the enemy. But also you’ll hear a clear, loud siren, which will not leave you unattended.

If you did not notice informing pictures, then voice will alert you. You can choose from 48 versions of voices: Aliens, ICQ, Cheerful, Kryakalka, the Eye of Sauron, and others. Author of mod are Andre_V and Ekspoint.



The configuration file: mod_SixthSenseSoundTimeIcon.json. Here you can set the time and volume of mod.


Sound of lamp 6th sense (17 MB)

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