Sound mod Modern Talking for World of Tanks

I am sure when I say the name of this legendary German band many tankers, a little older than 30, will have a feeling of nostalgia. Yes, I mean the mega popular in the 80s music band Modern Talking. Hits were heard everywhere on discos. You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul – who from older generation does not remember the lyrics?

The assembly includes 15 most famous and popular songs, which you can listen in a hangar when choice of a suitable tank. Author of mod is well known modder Andre_V. Do you want to spend time mentally in the game? Then install mod.

You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul.
Cheri Cheri Lady.
You Can Win If You Want.
Brother Louie.
Geronimo’s Cadillac.
Atlantis Is Calling (S_O_S_ For Love).
Do You Wanna.
Doctor For My Heart.
Jet Airliner.
Sweet Little Sheila.
Angie’s Heart.
Diamonds Never Made A Lady.
You’re The Lady Of My Heart.
The Angels Sing In New York City.
In 100 Years.


Sound mod Modern Talking (90 MB)

3 thoughts on “Sound mod Modern Talking for World of Tanks”

  1. Matheus says:

    best mod of the game kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Kent says:

    It’s not working

    1. Jupp says:

      du musst es in den ornder res und bei res mods in 9.17.1

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