Sniper Sight + damage panel WOT 9.14.1

Here is a mod which includes sniper scope and damage indicator. Mod adapted to version 9.14.1

Unusual sniper scope, scope with dimming on the sides. This sight is completely conveys the feeling of a sniper mode. With this sight you can feel yourself like a real sniper on the hunt. Nothing will distract you from fulfilling your mission. The downside is that you can not see the whole picture of the battlefield.

For your convenience, the author added to the mod damage panel. You can not only shoot but also keep track of damage done to the enemy. If you desired you can sight and the damage panel installe separately. To install separately sight you need to remove the file from DamageIndicator.swf WOT / res_mods / / gui / scaleform /. The author of mod are marsoff  and WoTsite.



11 10

How to install:

Gui folder and scripts in WOT / res_mods / /


Sniper Sight + damage panel (600 KB)

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