Sights “Magnetola” for World of Tanks 1.4.0

Each player individually selects a mod that will be useful to him and comfortable in combat. Fortunately, in the game their number is continuously growing. The author tries to make their modifications as useful and functional as possible in combat. But every player has his own taste. Some like minimalism, but others maximalism.
Today we offer a mod, the feature of which in development date. The “Magnetola” sight is one of the first mods for the World of Tanks. But this is not its main feature. This sight has a lot of other advantages:

Feature sights “Magnetola”

  •  information about the quantity of life is displayed
  • recharge time
  • Ammunition in the arsenal
  • distance sensor to the target
  • information about the state of the gun. As soon as you are ready to shoot – the weapon’s indicator will be green, but if not – red.

In fact, all these factors will make the game in World of Tanks as comfortable and easy as possible.


Sights “Magnetola” (300 KB)

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