Sights (MagicalMod) for World of Tanks 0.9.2




Arcade, sniper, Art + Sight Reduction for World of Tanks 0.9.2

Probably the most popular sights of many players. Author:  RazNaRok



Res_mods folder copy and paste into :/ World of tanks /


megical-mod2 (2 Mb)

7 thoughts on “Sights (MagicalMod) for World of Tanks 0.9.2”

  1. grayfox says:

    a big BUG on 8.5. you cant zoom in to sniper view at all.

  2. Stratigos says:

    This mod doesnt work at his sniper mod at 8.5 , to sad …i love this crosshair , can you fix that bug?

  3. Muda_od_labuda says:

    I love this crosshair too, but i cant snipe! I press “shift” and nothing… I dont wanna play WoT no more… :((((

  4. pelle says:

    yepp , does not work in 8.5

    just wasted my first win and no being able to shoot 1 time

  5. Muda_od_labuda says:

    Does enyone read this comments? Enyone who can fix this mod ???


    Well, here’s he thing, i’s actually not the mod, it’s the game itself. For many if not all players there’s a glitch that deters you from being able to enter sniper mode, either through shift or your middle mouse button. Neither works, so hopefully wargaming acknowledges this fact and patches it as soon as possible!

    1. Muda_od_labuda says:

      OK, man… Tnx for info. 😉

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