Sights Battlefield for World of Tanks

Here is set sights from popular game Battlefield. Adapted by micro update 9.17.1

There are so many scopes modders do for World of Tanks. They do sights for original game World of Tanks and converted from other popular games. Today we present sight from famous game Battlefield 3. The author of sight is player under the nickname nikkevin. The author has made sight in minimalist style. Mod is not overloaded with unnecessary information. Only the most necessary and useful information for the effective game.

A special feature of mod is different versions of modification to choose from. Here you will find 4 grid of  arcade and sniper sights, circle or square range of information and 10 markers  for the arcade and sniper scopes.  Plus bright and colorful recharge from the game Battlefield. Generally you will get interesting and unusual scope.


How to install:

WOT / res_mods / /


Sights Battlefield (500 KB)

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