Sight “Strike” for World of Tanks 1.0.1

Interest and even more surprised the experienced player a good eye is not so easy. But we will try to do it today. The author of mod is a well-known modder Andre_V. A feature of mod is its color – bright green. The first author was trying to develop a sight that will be suitable for people with poor eyesight. That’s why this color was chosen.

But I’m sure a lot of players it is also useful. Advantages of mod:
– Readable on all types of maps
– Pleasing to the eye
– 3 types of information
– Displays enemy armor thickness
– Animation
– Designed in minimalist style

3 (5)

How to install:

Copy the folder gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 1.0.1/, confirming the replacement.


Sight Strike (2 MB)

2 thoughts on “Sight “Strike” for World of Tanks 1.0.1”

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  2. Dejan says:

    there is no gui and script folder just files

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