[1.0.1] Sight Destroyer with indicate thickness of armor

Sight Destroyer by Andre_V  has a number of advantages. The author tried to stick minimalism, so he set only really important and necessary element in the battle. One of the main advantages of the sight – this indicating thickness of armor in the enemy. This function works only in sniper mode. Now when you aim you’ll know exactly where your projectile will cause maximum damage.

Image 10

Also sight  displays the amount of strength (HP). Ifin hard battle you did not notice the loss of HP, the scope remind you about it. Plus mod has available:
– Zoom mode
– Reload mode
– Displays the number of rounds in the drum
– Arcade sight
– Artillery sight
– RUS + ENG Languages

Image 9


Pritsel Destroyer (2,3 MB)

7 thoughts on “[1.0.1] Sight Destroyer with indicate thickness of armor”

  1. majores says:

    Hello , i tried to install rus version and english but i didnt see the thickness of armor in sniper mode , what is wrong witch this crosshair ???

  2. tanki says:

    doesnt have a how to install guide, it doesnt work or i cant get it too work,
    90% off the mods on this website have NO how to install guide…

    1. XTheXTankXDestroyerX says:

      you need winrar.
      Extract the files to the folder. It will make a new folder.
      Select the type of sight you want
      select the eng folder
      the version
      then put the .wotmod’s in the mods folder (not res-mods)

  3. billman says:

    instruction pleas

  4. James says:

    Sight works but dosent allow you to fire your gun is ther anyway of sorting this out

  5. asdf says:

    doesn’t work, can’t fire

    1. Annonymous says:

      go into one of the main folders, choose ENG, choose the version, then copy those files into the mods folder

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