[0.9.21] Sight “Chameleon” for WOT

Today we present sight under the name “Chameleon” has a number of advantages and opportunities. For example, like a real chameleon scope changes its color. Depending on the degree of recharging the sight becomes the turquoise color and brown one. Now you’ll know exactly when are ready to strike a stunning blow to the enemy.

One more an important element, which has a sight – information about the enemy’s armor penetration. Weak, strong, vulnerable places of the enemy you will know. Changed art sight and mixing. For convenience, added the central square marker that clears the displayed all the necessary and important information for the tanker. The author, who developed the sight: Shtys, Bianko, Andre_V.


14 (1) 13


Folders gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.21/


Scope Chameleon (1,1 MB)

One thought on “[0.9.21] Sight “Chameleon” for WOT”

  1. Piluzo says:

    This mod is awful. It is not the same as shown in the pictures.

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