Sight «Animated-3″ for World of Tanks [0.9.13] # 002

Description: Animated – arcade, sniper scope and arty in a futuristic style for WoT 0.9.13.


2 3


4 5

* EDM.
* Digital drum.
* Timer recharge.
* Color definition / another.
* Direction indicator of damage.
* A pointer to the recharge time enemy.
* A pointer to the strength of enemy tanks.
* The speed of the projectile in the art mode.
* The angles of horizontal and vertical lay.
* Informative, animated with the reduction of a performance: breaking your shell and thick armor enemy.


animated (753 Kb)

6 thoughts on “Sight «Animated-3″ for World of Tanks [0.9.13] # 002”

  1. al486 says:

    any diff with MeltyMap’s MathMod ?

    1. Lee says:

      This IS MMsMM. If you download it you’ll find the xml file for meltymap’s mod in the flash folder.

  2. jjpp says:

    How do i get just the sight with out the little map thing

  3. pablo says:

    how do you put the mod in the game

  4. xXThe_white_TigerXx says:

    If i download the file i get a .rar file and not a .zip file. pls help me Dx

    1. xXThe_white_TigerXx says:

      oh fuck, flase mod xD

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