Server sight for World of Tanks 1.6.1

Until now, many tankers do not know what is a difference between a client and server scope. In this article we will try understand these concepts. So in the game uses the server and client scope. When pointing at the aim player uses  the client scope. But as you noticed, there are times when a player brought on purpose, made a shot, but there was not a result.

What happened and how to avoid it? The fact that the client sight can fit in sight but the server is not yet. In this case there is  desync between the sights and as a result player miss. But with the help of sight, you can avoid a similar fate. Mod Server sight will replace the standard option on a markers and useful. In the game you will have a comfortable marker, which will help you better aiming.

In the archive you will find 14 options to choose markers. Also there is a scope for the server arty. In the screenshots below are options:


Copy folder scripts in the WOT / res_mods / 1.4.0/
Turn on the server scope in the game settings menu by clicking on “the Esc”, select “Settings” and check the box “Use server-sight.” (An important step! Without it, the server scope will not work.)
In the catalog “set markers for server scopes” can be found 14 different variants of the markers for server scope.

To install, do the following:

Edit the config file with a suitable editor (such as the gratis Notepad++) and then activate “Enable server reticle” in the in-game options.


Server scope (400 KB)

One thought on “Server sight for World of Tanks 1.6.1”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi guys, this seem like a nice mod in two important was.
    1. It solves the serverproblem and since I tried one I want it again!
    2. The options. Few moders give you the chance toneasy customize the mod, thumbs up to you!

    So, since you seem like the few who are both creative and believe in others opinion, here’s a thought:
    If you either made a standalone mod of thi usable with other sight mods it would be a bless.
    IF, however, you think big, you could make the option of having this added:
    -Penetration calculator turning circling green/red.
    -Yours and enemy health, reload time, ammo in Mag/left.

    If you added this, perhaps a few more otions on looks and such you would have the greatest mod in Wot history and no other would be needed.
    I’m no modder, just like to play and win aswell as being able to choose, but think about it, making the mod of ages doesn’t sound too shabby does it..? 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work and good luck in the future, putting my hopens into you for a brighter future… <3
    Kind regards

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