Second common test for WOT 9.20

Today, August 16th (as promised by the developers) started the second common test for the World of Tanks. In addition to this, a new micro patch was released under the version If you want mods worked correctly it is necessary to update them again. In the meantime, let’s return to our common test.

The second common test for WOT 9.20

Changes and innovations in 9.20_test2

  • You can not install incompatible equipment on the tank
  • Fixed an error that showed incorrect information about the loss of rank
  • On the screen rank rankings now show the number of earned ranks
  • Fixed bug with texture patterns on the map “Fire Arc”
  • Fixed a bug with the name and levels of machines that arose in the general battle
  • The bug in the section “Achievements \ Statistics” has been fixed
  • The negative value of the timer in the countdown before the air strike/shelling is now displayed correctly
  • When the tank Maus turned over and lay on its side, it received a lot of damage, now this error will be fixed
  • Fixed a bug with the purchase of Swedish technology. Now you can buy it corrected
  • Fixed a bug in rank battles about the rules for obtaining a chevron, now everything is displayed correctly
  • Now the voice prompt in sniper mode is correctly reproduced on the Training Ground
  • After the release of patch 9.20 – improved equipment will be removed from all players automatically
  • If the players are not very powerful computers, but they still want to use a new type of battle “General Battle”, you will have such an opportunity, but you have to turn it on manually

 How to participate in the common test

All players can take part in the test, but only one condition: you must be registered in the game World of Tanks until July 24th, 2017. Next, you need to download a special installer, run it and enjoy the process.


Special installer (4 MB)

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  1. ansar says:

    почему тест не работает ?

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