Second Common Test 9.19.1

On June 30th, the second common test for update 9.19.1 was released. In this update, players expect a lot of innovations and changes that were introduced in 9.18. Register and start experiencing a new patch. What would start testing the patch 9.19.1 – You need to download a special installer. Next, you need to run the installer 9.19.1_test2 and start testing. Good luck for everyonel!

Update 9.19.1

  • Balancer

Starting with version 9.18 in the game was added a very interesting and useful thing – the balancer. Many players for many years, regularly complained about the “dishonest” choice of tanks in the team. Teams were selected with the advantage of one team in front of the other. One team was obtained in advance weaker than the opposing team. Tanks are on 2 levels higher, the number of artifacts is bigger and so on. In update 9.18 – this situation has changed at the end. A new algorithm appeared, which specifically selected teams with the appropriate technique.
But fortunately, the developers did not stop there and decided to improve their new function. In update 9.19.1 – there will be new improvements that will further improve the balancer. Thus, the teams for the match will be selected as “correctly” as possible.

  • The training ground

In update 9.19.1 a new mode will appear – Training polygon. This mode will familiarize players with the technique and rules of the game. At the end of the training will be a full-scale battle: 15 to 15. In this battle, the player together with his team (14 bots) will fight with the enemy team (15 bots). As a result, for the passage of this regime the tanker will receive a pleasant addition: the days of a free premium account, credit, experience and equipment. Important: only new players will be able to receive these prizes.

  • New conditions tasks
  • New tanks in HD quality


Special installer.

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