Scope Shock Triz for World of Tanks

The main advantage of the new sight, which we would like to mention right now – is the successful location on the screen. Here it is meant that the sight displays all the important information for the game right in front of the player’s eyes. You will know about:
– distance to the target
– time to end recharge
– the degree of armor penetration armor
– Ammunition quantity

But all this is located beautifully and most conveniently for the player. In fact, the scope was originally designed for shooting on technology, which moves and for shooting against the sky and hills, so the scope is clearly visible on any type of map.

In the arcade and sniper mode, the information is displayed the same. Reduction is also converted to more modern and practical. In general, all the most necessary and useful you will find in this sight. Author of mod is NEO_ANONIM

Scope  for WOT

Scope  for WOT Scope  for WOT Scope  for WOT


Scope Shock Triz (450 KB)

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