SafeShot 1.7.1


The new version of 29 August. Now the opportunity to destroy the enemy shot is blocked for two seconds in order not to waste ammunition or destroy ally accidental shot. Very useful! Author: Skino88

Hot to install:

Folder from the downloaded archive to put in \ World_of_Tanks \


259-safeshot(36 kb)

1.7.1 will be soon

59 thoughts on “SafeShot 1.7.1”

  1. eiffel says:

    I don’t understand the utility :'(

    1. Korean Guy says:

      When an enemy is dead and u shoot accidentaly, the gun don’t shoot. Same thing is happend when u are rady to shoot accidentaly an ally. So, the enemy can not catch you with gun discharged. So, is very helpfull.

      1. SOMEONE says:

        So does it really work?

        1. DerFührer says:


  2. tanker says:

    well it blocks you from firing a shell to a recently destroyed tank, within 2s after his death you cant shoot at him(or globally?) also should prevent shooting an ally

    1. fuz80 says:

      You can shot on alli … i try right now !!!

  3. gamerx says:

    can someone show me how to translate?

  4. REWgamer says:

    Translate – Try Google Translator – altough xml commands are in english.
    %s, не мешай стрелять!
    Message “не мешай стрелять” – translated – “Do not bother to shot” dhows when ever you try to fire on an ally or destroyed tank. The xml will not change it.
    Would like:
    If Ally = >%s blocking my line of fire!!Tank has been destroyed!!< or No message

    1. Chuny77 (NA) says:

      According to the orignal forum post it says u need to use Notepad++ so the changes take effect.. ill try it now.

    2. Miron says:

      Człowieku jak nie znasz języka to nie bierz się za tłumaczenie !
      не мешай стрелять – nie przeszkadzaj strzelać , często spotykane – blokujesz linie strzału.

  5. thierrybo says:


    saved me a lot of needless shots. Only drawback, didn’t seem to work for SPG ?

  6. kuluk says:

    this file can be edited with notepad++

  7. Alex B says:

    this its in english??

  8. schift85 says:

    Hi, how i can edit rusian message ?

  9. wildwilly says:

    Hi, can t install it. Place it into res mods folder, but nothing happens…any tips, hints ?

  10. Adrian says:

    dont work! give some link

    1. admin says:

      Hi. Fixed

  11. hmmm says:

    is thise leagal becose it change one part of the game by preventing you yo shoot that target

    1. DerFührer says:

      One of the best LEGAL and helpful mods out there.

  12. bubu says:

    kiedy wersja pod 0.9.1 ? ? ?

  13. ZeM says:

    is it updated? And how can we change the messages? Is a message ‘you are in my line of fire’/’blocking my shot’ included?

  14. costas says:

    It workes, fine in 9.1 update!


  15. OM222O says:

    can’t you translate it into English please?

  16. rafal782156 says:

    yes it is legal loads of youtubers use it

  17. 98whiteMC says:

    I already have a file named _int_.pyc in the mods folder. I did not put that file in for fear of breaking something else. Can it be renamed to Safeshot.pyc or something and still work? Or, how do I work around the issue of the existing file by that name

  18. 98whiteMC says:

    Uninstalled this mod…Here’s why. First, everything is in Russian and I couldn’t find a translated version. Second, The only way to test it is to shoot somebody. And Third, It prevents kills from registering if the target is not illuminated.

    I routinely kill enemy tanks after they go dark, but with this mod you get the message that they were killed, but you do not get credit in the game.

    I could be wrong on point #3 but I don’t think so. The ONLY time that happened is after I installed the mod.

  19. 98whiteMC says:

    Retraction in order,

    Please accept my apologies. It was not this mod responsible for not crediting kills properly.
    After I removed the mod the same thing happened on my next kill. It is the game doing it.

    So if anybody has an English version I would like to have a copy. I tried editing the xml but it has no effect. I gues the pyc needs to be modified or something. The issue remains with the _init_ file name conflict however.

  20. valeryen says:

    file SafeShot.xml open blokotom or notepad ++
    and do not bother to change the shoot
    and Change % s, stay out shoot to Petushok_%s, stay out of shoot!

  21. eiffel says:

    not full functional, no message when you try to shoot an ally :/

  22. eiffel says:

    not ready for 9.4 !!!! 🙁

  23. marko says:

    Didnt wort for 9.4

  24. Meteor says:

    Nooen of the idiots can even translate xml LOL
    All in russian #$%#$^#$#!@%$#%$#&^%&^(^

  25. Deputy276 says:

    Tried it. Didn’t work in 9.4. Whatever you do, DON’T test it on a eam mate. Not that I did, but it’s not worth the risk to find out it doesn’t work.

  26. Biser says:

    Still dont work !!!!!!!!! Pls fix it.

  27. Chris says:

    Worked great in 9.4, when you getting 9.5 ready?

  28. Gundam says:

    not working, i just killed 2 allies T_T

  29. Ks says:

    not working on 9.6

  30. bad says:

    not working!!!

  31. anon says:

    Causes an annoying blank pop-up each time you log in.

  32. admon says:

    Dont work on 0.9.10

  33. anon says:

    Has anyone figured how to get this to work in 9.10? I copied the entire rar in 0.9.10, copied the options individually in 0.9.10, and copied one option directly into 0.9.10. Nothing. Thanks in advance for any help.

  34. anon says:

    Got Odem Mortis ModPack which has Safe Shot. It works great. The files I downloaded from this site are over a year old. No wonder they don’t work.

  35. MaxDMG says:

    Translate it to English ffs !!

  36. jóskagyerek says:

    Can you please update it for 9.13? I always ragekill my retard teammates and this makes me nothing but a retard too.

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  40. Uccuneki says:

    Please update the mod.

  41. DerFührer says:


  42. jim says:

    is that mod legal?

  43. Doug says:

    Thank you for that enlightenment

  44. Mariano says:

    They can’t ensure players to acquire on each
    choice, but giving them some strategies to play the activities in a winning way.

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