RTAN mod – displays medals and awards during the battle [9.18]

Now directly in battle, you will be able to learn about the achievements, medals, awards you have received. You do not need wait the end of the battle to find out about their victories. Above the panel shells in the center of the screen will pop up tape alerts. With this tape, and you will receive all the necessary information:

– Obtained achievements
– Earn medals
– Notification  the end of the battle
– Notification of the number of stuffed frags

Knowing about your achievements you can take the necessary measures: to boast for friends or instantly start earning points. Since you can change the settings using the file and configure the settings for yourself. For example, to increase or decrease the time to end the battle. To change something change true to false. On the creation of mod was working team modders: ProTeam, locastan, AntiPapki, Aimdrol.



RTAN mod (15 MB)

2 thoughts on “RTAN mod – displays medals and awards during the battle [9.18]”

  1. PlaZma says:

    how can i set it up in english

  2. faouzi says:

    not work

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