Retro Damage Panel

Excellent Panel damages created in retro style. Authors: marsoff and farserdamage-panel-retro


How to install:

Download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ 0.8.3\




11 thoughts on “Retro Damage Panel”

  1. pac says:

    Dosent work whit 8.4 the match wont even start

    1. Mos says:

      can samone update it for 8.4 ?

  2. eisen1973 says:

    This one looks really cool, like the real gauges. Update it pls

  3. TowerGuard says:

    I woud like to see it updated for 8.4, it looks so great! Can someone contact maker?

  4. Mos says:

    update for 8.5 ?

  5. eisen says:

    Update for 8.5 pls!!!!!

  6. TowerGuard says:

    Contacth dev pls it is great mod! Update, update!!!!!

  7. Mos says:

    samone update for 8.5 ?

  8. Mos says:

    8.7 ? samone update ?

  9. yaakov says:

    pls do it for 8.8

  10. Zagrei says:

    updating for 9.6 ?

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