[] Replacement of music in battle “Audiomachine” for WOT

If you already have tired from standard version voice of WG and you want something new and unusual, then this mod is for you. A wide range of fascinating and enlivening the morale of music from Audiomachine group. New music you can listen to in the hangar and in battle. The choice of compositions:

1.Rise of the Planets.
2.Lay Down Your Weapons.
3.Hell’s battalion.
4.A Good Time to Die.
5.Lost raiders.
6.Legions of doom.
7.Mercenary revolution.
8.Siege towers.
9.Lost Raiders Drums.
10.Legions of Doom Drums.
11.Army of Kings Drums.
12.Siege Towers Drums.
14.Project Genesis.
16.Hero’s Journey.
17.A Feast for Crows.
18.Lost Generation.
19.Guardians at the Gate.
20.Hell’s Battalion.
21.Lost Raiders.
22.No Return.
23.Fire And Horor.
24.100 Years War.
26.Sun and Steel.
30.Satori и много другой….

In this video you can listen sound


Replacement of music in battle “Audiomachine” (232 MB)

2 thoughts on “[] Replacement of music in battle “Audiomachine” for WOT”

  1. Wolfpac357 says:

    Little Tutorial how it worked for myself:
    You copy the “audioww” File and paste it in “res” and “res_mods” -> “”.
    If the “audioww” File is in both pasted, you can start WoT and it should show its functionality in the Login screen first.

  2. Oberländer, Jupp says:

    ich habe es genau so gemacht wie sie es hier beschrieben haben aber es hat nicht funktioniert un was meinen sie mit im anmeldebildschirm anzeigt wo da ?

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