[] The Relhax Modpack v1.0.4.0

Dear tankmen!

Many of you well know OMC modpack, but unfortunately, since update this modpack stops working. The developers decided to close their project, but we want to please you – they opened a new project which called Relhax Modpack. Relhax Modpack – is the continuation of OMC modpack, so all the mods entering this assembly are completely familiar to you and absolutely legal.

Date of updateAugust 6th, 2019
Actual for the patch1.6.0
Current version1
Size2 MB

Modpack is packed into an EXE file, so your antivirus can warn you about the danger, but do not worry, modpack is fully tested for the absence of viruses. Relhax Modpack  Рis a new and completely improved version of OMC modpack. The author has made many changes and improvements: the interface has been changed, new mods have been added and the possibility of previewing the screenshots of all the mods has been added, and the main modpack change is scanned and installed at high speed Рnow there is no need to download the favorite modpack the whole night.


RelhaxModpack (10.2 MB) will be soon

4 thoughts on “[] The Relhax Modpack v1.0.4.0”

  1. JD caffery says:

    works great and has more then enough options but i don’t like the interface

  2. GeeMod Fan says:

    Why is GeeMod missing on this Page?


  3. Darien says:

    next update?

  4. Jonas says:

    after the install everything looks and feels great, but after a battle or two the game crashes! I launch it again, play a battle and when I try to go play a second one, when it reaches the loading screen, it crashes again! What can be at fault? i do uninstalled it until a fix or something like that! Thanks!

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