Release date new update 9.20.1 for World of Tanks

Friends! We are happy to inform you about the upcoming update of 9.20.1 and its changes. We reported that release of the patch will be in mid-October, now we want to clarify this information: update 9.20.1 for the EU server will be held on October 18th. Well, now let’s remember all the innovations and corrections of this patch.

  • As always, we expect a rebalancing of technology.
  • Improves the firepower of light tanks
  • In the British branch is expected a new addition – a new tank 10 tier
  • New awards and improved interface for PBM (personal battle missions)
  • The new tanks will be reworked in HD quality
  • New ways to get the coveted bons
  • And this is not all.

You can find out more about the rebelance technique in the video below.

To download this updane you can here

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