Red and blue sight for World of Tanks

All  tankmen know good sights by heart and always use them. One of such sight is РDamoclave Sword. This sight is in high demand among the players it is because of its functionality. Today we want you to offer your sight, which was made based on the Damoclave Sword. Meet the Red-Blue sight for World of Tanks Firstly sight has a lot of useful information that will help the player in battle:
– indicator of the number of shells
– displays the distance to the target
– your recharge time with the animation of color
– there is an indicator of the thickness of the armor


6357-min 635-min 5644-min

As you can see, all these functions are important and indispensable for the player. Secondly, this sight will be very useful for artillerymen. The shells released by the artillery will be purple, allowing the shot to be visible and not to merge with the landscape.

And thirdly, because of its color (red-blue), the sight is very bright and noticeable on all types of maps, without exception.


Red and blue sight  (700 KB)

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