[9.15] Recharge time of enemy + damage panel

We introduce  functional damage panel, which also will display the recharge time of enemy.

This mod will display damage inflicted you and damage you inflicted. You will know all important information about ricochet, damage or  penetration.

The feature of this mod is displaying  information about enemy’s recharge time. If you will know this information you will know exactly the right time to attack or fast search for shelter. Information about the recharge of enemy is very valuable so many popular prohibited modpacks have it. But if you will use such modpacks you can be punished.


shot_056 shot_055

But this mod is completely legal and you can use it safely, because it displays the recharge time only enemy that was shooting  you. Authors of mod are PiJey77, ZeesuS, Gambiter, WOTsite

In archive you will find 2 variants:
– Old. Displays damage  inflicted by you  and using the key Alt  will show enemy’s recharge.

– New. The new version is more comfortable  and modern


Copy folders scripts and system in WOT / res_mods / 0.9.15 /

In configuration file you can change the location of mod on the screen. The configuration file: World_of_Tanks / res_mods / 0.9.15 / scripts / client / gui / mods / MultiHitLog / CONFIG.json


Recharge time of enemy + damage panel (4 MB)


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