[0.8.10] RAGE Mod v1.10.0


RAGE Mod for World of Tanks 0.8.10. Author: Matiz9

Feature List:
XVM stats
Crosshair Mod: Reloadtimer, Arty shelltraveltime & re-aiming borders, Dynamic camera fix
Icon Mod
Accurate Damage Indicator
Zoom Mod
Damage Panel
White Death
No WoT intro video
Statistic Mod
Tactical tablet
2 rowed garage for faster access
Clock Mod

3 2 1



Extract the “RAGE Mod v1.x.x.zip” into your “\World of Tanks\” main folder

What’s new in 1.10.0?

– Updated and changed mods to work with 8.10


RAGE Mod v1.10.0 (11 Mb)

2 Replies to “[0.8.10] RAGE Mod v1.10.0”

  1. this is the first mod I have used. My fps is way down now, my video card is geforce 650ti. how can I use the mods and get fps up?

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