[9.5] Radial Menu Editor v2.1

I am very proud to present you my radial menu editor for ‘Enhanced customizable Radial Menu’ MOD. The program is very easy to setup and use. Author: “Angelto20”



v2.1 – 31-12-2014
– Updated with new tanks and maps of the version 0.9.5.
– Now uses my ‘AngeL Icon Contour v2.5’.
– French Language added thanks to N3w2012.
– Portuguese Language added thanks to realmaster42.
– Now it’s shown the config XML file path in the title bar.


Radial Menu Editor (11 Mb)

21 thoughts on “[9.5] Radial Menu Editor v2.1”

  1. AlteredCarbon says:

    If this works as well as it shows…you are my hero of the month for sure. Thanks for this!

  2. ushiri says:

    I really love your work! for to long the devs of WOT has ignored the demands of better communication ingame… and know you rise above the ashes of the forgotten playerbase as a true hero from ignored players 😀

    LOVE U!!
    thanks…at least now I can give good commands 😀

  3. Frontline66 says:

    Would be nice to have a discription how to work with this mod and where to putt/install it like mot other mods have…

  4. Peterson says:

    how do you put this??

  5. Dieu_Du_Ciel says:

    I need help….. all the command appear in double in-game

    Example : When i post Help
    First Row : I Need Help !!!
    Second Row : Help !!!

    Example : Follow Me
    First Row : Follow Me Dude !!!
    Second Row : Follow Me !!!

    Example : Assist
    First Row : Focus Fire With Me !
    Second Row : Assist

    So i didnt find yet a solution, maybe someone know how to fix this !

    1. Dieu_Du_Ciel says:

      No !

      Maybe i need to remove a line ???

    2. Boeddha1983 says:

      look at wot old buttons. maybe there double

  6. party says:

    whether this program will be for version 0.9.1???

  7. floris says:

    can you fix that there is a 0.9.1 version for this awesome mod!!! i really like it! and i want it on 9.1

  8. powbam says:

    How does one install this mod/set it up?

  9. Mad McAdder says:

    Could not get this to work as it uses winzip to install which is no longer free to use.

    1. CrazyLebaneseTanker says:

      dude you can use bandizip it is free it is a combination of full version winrar and explorer

    2. Christiana says:

      This is way more helpful than anhntiyg else I’ve looked at.

    3. You’ve really impressed me with that answer!

    4. I saw your “hairy bread” on Went Vegan and now I see this bread too. I love to bake bread and you are making it so fun. AND – Your recipes look delicious!

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    6. http://www./ says:

      Thanks John – and yes, the odd hour can help a lot in finding/seeing light which is normally unseen. This is especially true for winter, when the air is fresh & clean on some days. Ice-cold I know, but it can make you realize that we’re actually in the universe, sorts of.

  10. BattleHook says:

    RadialMenuEditor version 2.3 now available !!

  11. HelloAgain says:

    Many thx for this helpful tool!
    Great job you do, please dont stop your work!

  12. seager says:

    Is it just Me? I can’t get Radial Menu to work with new WOT Update
    Any Help would be too Great!

  13. 33Candice says:

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    You write great articles but you should rank your website higher in search engines.

    If you don’t know how to do it search on youtube: how to rank a website Marcel’s way

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