[0.9.17] Premuim hangar without a premium account

This mod replaces the standard hanger with the permium hanger. Compatible with mods that change the form of a premium hanger. Author: buenonacho94

Premium hangar with normal account:
Premium hangar with normal account

Basic hangar with premium account:

Basic hangar with premium account

How to install:

Copy ‘res_mods’ folder in the game folder

These are the original game files from the archive World_of_Tanks\res\packages\hangar_premium.pkg. You can also manually unpack them to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.x\spaces\hangar


Premuim hangar without a premium account (63 Kb)

2 thoughts on “[0.9.17] Premuim hangar without a premium account”

  1. WorldWarGames says:

    The Picture of this is REALLY old; Pre-7.5…ahh good old days.

    On second thought, someone make me a UI mod that makes the new “sleek” UI back to the ole one, with blocky buttons and stuff.

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