Piciu’s War Thunder Gun Sounds & Crew for 0.9.9

These are the actual sounds from War Thunder: Ground Forces

Probably almost all of you have heard about the game as War Thunder. First, as a game with planes, and from a recent time as a game with tanks.

The sound of gunfire and tanks engines there is quite different and many tankers that have already try out the game War Thunder, liked it.

And was born mod – the sound of gunfire and engines of War Thunder for WOT 0.9.8.

After installing it all sounds that are responsible for the engines and the shots will be replaced by new, more juicy and pleasant. Indeed, in the War Thunder, in fact, more than in the historicity of WOT. Therefore, their fans will certainly find this voice. The shots are very cool, particularly will appreciate them those who love loud explosions with good echo.

Installation is simple: Just put the folders as they are in your WoT folder.
As they don’t replace any file, a copy of “audio” folder isn’t necessary.


All in one – Torrent link

Picius War Thunder Crew Sounds 1.11 (3 Mb)

 Picius-War-Thunder-Gun-Sounds-1.92.zip (16 Mb)

Picius-War-Thunder-Engine-Sounds-1.31.zip (14 Mb)

Tracks sounds 1.01 (10 Mb)

26 thoughts on “Piciu’s War Thunder Gun Sounds & Crew for 0.9.9”

  1. Bora says:

    This isn’t working.

    1. Vulkan says:

      yeaahhh works

  2. Francois says:

    Total failure, doesn’t work at all

  3. clark says:

    How do you convert ogg sound in war thunder to wav?

  4. JotAfonso says:

    Doesnt work, the game crashes when loading the menu for log in

    1. JotAfonso says:

      The voices do work tho. Thats good =)

  5. Misther says:

    please, update for 9.6??????

  6. EddieCivic4g says:

    Not working in 9.6, game crash on first loading screen…

  7. TankK1LLA2012 says:

    Works fine, thx 4 sharing 😉
    BTW dudes, you need to backup the original “res/audio” folder and copy the files from the “res” folder in there, then it works with 0.9.6 😉

  8. Chris says:

    It works now because the scripts were patched to 9.6, they were only 9.5 not long ago.
    I did everything as with other mods, just copy piciu’s audio from the res folder to the res_mods audio folder and scripts aswell.

  9. Saifur says:

    I am sick of all those retards who post their shitty mods and dont even bother to update them or to check if they are actually working. Don’t upload your shit if you know its not working , you imbecile

  10. Louis says:

    THIS IS FOR 9.6 NOT 9.7

  11. mike says:

    it WORKS in 0.9.8

    because – install so, if the author it says.
    then it works.
    no crashes.
    i use /install in order of first guns, then engines, last crew sounds – works really fine with 9.8

    1. Sascha says:

      Which is the right path? c./program/games/world_of_tanks/res_mods/0.9.8/scripts…. or world_of_tanks and when copy the Piciu’s War Thunder Gun Sounds 1.83 in the world_of_tanks folder?

    2. RicardoRuiz says:

      It crashes when im about to enter a game, after the loading, it basically freezes there but the loading interface is still on the screen. Havent changed anything in the game other than that and i was using a KV2. It really sounds amazing but keeps freezing as i said, hope it can be fixed soon. Great job!

  12. yoshio says:

    You can’t enter a game.

  13. sollitdude says:

    im at tier 3, and i noticed that on occasion the loading screen gets stuck, so there is a vehicle out there causing this mod to crash. ive tested all 3 versions, and it was the gun sound mod.

  14. mike says:

    mine away for the installation:
    downloade the files and entpacken individually and successively with zb. WINrar.
    in winrar one sees in each case a RES and a RES_MODS.
    these insert by drag & drop in open res_mods_verzeichnis of yours open worldoftanks-ordners under 0.9.8.
    accept “substitute” with engine and guns.
    crew sounds contain only one RES folder.
    also by drag & drop in the open res_mods folder move, accepts “insert” and substitutes with the next the file asks for.
    then thus the whole one should function and cause none crashes.
    translated with PROMT, I apologise for it, mine english is not the best one.

  15. mike says:

    sorry, wrong info!
    correct is for crew sounds:
    also by drag & drop in the open RES folder , accepts “insert” and substitutes / change with the next the file asks for.

  16. sollitdude says:

    please update this mod for version 9.8.1. due to the ‘domination’ gamemode being added, the game gives an error, that says that the vehicles part of the mod isnt working correctly.

  17. if says:

    not working, crashes at loading screen!!

  18. The dude says:

    not working with 9.8.1, fix the damned thing. crashes on loading screen.

  19. Torima57 says:

    Not working ,crash game .

  20. sollitdude says:

    dont download this mod, its nothing but bull. only thing it does it crashing ur game.

  21. Artemis says:

    Plz correct this link n/or update the Mods….
    Opening the zip, u clearly can see that the Mod’s dedicated to the 9.8 version…!

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