Patch 9.15 Updates

Today, April 21, will start Supertest  for patch 9.15. The General  test will be in next week.

As we reported earlier  Update 9.15 will be in May 10 or 12. Today has came Supertest future update. In patch 9.15 will be a number of changes and innovations:

1.Tank physics  movement will change.

In update 9.14 was a lot of criticism at the wrong moments in the tank  physics. For example, do not correct the damage when tank falling, tanks coups, bug when tank sticking to a stationary object. The new patch all those unpleasant moments will be converted. Now the damage from the tank fall  will be calculated according to criteria such as the height and the time fall.

2. Voice changes
Will be able to select a speaker, modders have official support for the creation of sound mods, will change voice falling into a tank, breaking through, dealing damage.

3. New options in Hangar
Now, in the hangar, you will be able to see even such military equipment, which you  has not  buy and the addition of new filters for tanks “carousel”.

4. PvE-training will take place at the “Mines”  and “Mittengard” maps

5. Tank Waffenträger auf E 100 is replaced by the Grille 15

6. The balance of performance characteristics tanks in the game
Some tanks have an advantage in the game because of their performance characteristics, for example in level V and VI dominate Japanese tanks. So now, to avoid imbalance, performance characteristics combat vehicles VI level will be changed.

7. New HD tanks models

8. New tanks for testing: KV-4 Kreslavskiy, Object 268 Option 5, T71 CMCD, T-45.

9. T-22 – the main prize of combat missions in the mode “Fight to the last” will remain in the game for  medium tanks X level. But mode “Fight to the last”  will be disabled.

10.  2  zoom mode x16 and x25

11. New capture indicator and timer end of the battle


2 thoughts on “Patch 9.15 Updates”

  1. Mikel Miller says:

    WTF I have had My WT E100 for ever and now your going to take and give me a PILE OF SHIT…. You first took the 6th round away and now your taking the tank…WHY????? I worked hard for that tank and you shits play this GOD crap cause some people cant seem to change their playing tactics..
    This game was great and NOW its CRAP cause you keep Nerfing the equipment to make it all fair.
    War isn’t fair and who ever had the best normally wins… So, the tactics have to change not the EQUIPMENT..!!!!
    You guys nerfed my T 57 and we as players work hard and spend a lot of money in your game to get to the HIGH tiers, and you aholes change the playing field of the game to make the IDIOTS who don’t know shit… to make it all fair.
    We players are getting tired of this crap. Alot of guys I know are seriously thinking of shutting down all together. We are tired of all the NERFING!!!

  2. yukkuri says:


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