[1.0.2] Panel damage. Rabbit

New Rabbit Panel damage for the last version World of Tanks 1.0.2

Authors: Dellux, coldrabbit, 7serafim7

WorldOfTanks 2012-12-09 23-39-31-93

WorldOfTanks 2012-12-09 23-36-42-61 WorldOfTanks 2012-12-09 23-41-38-51 WorldOfTanks 2012-12-09 23-36-02-90

How to install:

Copy the “gui” folder to: …\worldoftanks\res_mods\1.0.2


DamagePanel Rabbit (500 Kb)

7 thoughts on “[1.0.2] Panel damage. Rabbit”

  1. devasquez says:

    didin,t work with 8.4 🙁

  2. Scott says:

    Dont work with 9.8..tards. Just change the name and fiels are same for 1 year…

  3. maximus75 says:

    dont work !!!!!

  4. Prommi says:

    WOT 9.8 does not start with the mod.
    Charging stops at 100%

  5. Paulo says:

    Hey guy please check this, it isnt working with 9.8

  6. Paskal says:

    doesnt work with 9.8

    do not use!!!

  7. ATK says:

    This mod does not work for 9.8 update. Plz fix it.

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