Overview update 9.18 from QuickyBaby

In the video below, the author will talk about the most useful and important changes that will be added to the new patch.

Innovations in patch 9.18

  • Light tanks 10 level, that will change our lives. All tanks received good armor, reduction, speed of movement, good dynamics, impenetrability of towers – in general everything necessary for a good battle. The best tank for author is the Chinese Light Tank 10 level. Also you will see a full review of the new tanks and tanks of the French branch.
  • Artillery balance. Now the damage from the artifice will be reduced to almost twice. The same will decrease the penetrated shells from the high-explosive shells. But the accuracy and stabilization and information in the art will now improve, and recharging has become faster. For the players, this means that tanks will now suffer much less from the art.
  • A new piece of artillery is stunning. This is when you hit the enemy, and all his indicators fall twice, and the crew members get a concussion.
  • Well, of course, a new balancer, which you have probably heard of. More details about all these changes can be found in the video below.

One thought on “Overview update 9.18 from QuickyBaby”

  1. evr says:

    The Spg change just sounds silly, so lets get this right, they reduce the dmg the spg does, but your stund for 15-30 seconds, so basically rather than the spg getting more dmg, its just going to be given to the tanks while your stund, because your unable to continue to cover, so it sounds to me like a big waste of time, not only that it sounds like it going to be instead of frustrating its going to be annoying because of the increased rate of fire and the stun effect!

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