OldSkools ProMod Package Patch (12.05.2020)


Autor: Xoff. OldSkools es XVM, Damage Log, Hit Log, Capture Info, Sixth Sense Audio Mod, Fire Audio Mod, Extended Minimap.

Date of updateDecember 10th, 2019
Actual for the patch1.7.0
Current version01
Size48 MB


Image 40

 • Jimb0s Crosshair
• ProMod SPG Sights
 ProMod SPG Angle Indicator

 Accurate Damage Indicator
• Serverseitiges Crosshair [an/aus Option]
 Zoomout Mod
 Freie Sniperansicht

Standard Damage Panel mit:

– Reperaturfortschritt
– Anzeige von Treffern
– Spieler Informationen




ProMod (2.2 Mb)

129 thoughts on “OldSkools ProMod Package Patch (12.05.2020)”

  1. DragonsRanger says:

    Ok was wondering what button is now used for TC chat. I have tried Q and it just says I am reloading and the location

    1. icecream says:

      its not working 🙁

    2. Imran khan says:

      I am past bs form lasbela univeristy of agriculture marein scinces i want job

  2. Mike says:

    Danke für die Mühe

  3. Schatti says:

    Geil wie schnell das ging 😀

  4. PzAufkl_s says:

    Excellent work – THX for your time.

    (y) for the new Interface

  5. Enerener says:

    welches download muss ich anklicken ?? das schwarze oder das grüne oder…… ich check nicht durch

  6. Maximum says:

    Ich hab ein Problem , bei mir zeigts im Hangar keine Panzer an , Spiel startet und so weit funktioniert auch alles , nur ich sehe keinen Panzer mehr , kann nix mehr auswählen , nur mit dem letzten ausgewählten kann ich noch fahren.

    1. Maximum says:

      Hat sich erledigt , hab vergessen die Häkchen rauszumachen. 😉 Aber aus irgendwelchen Gründen geht der Haetzer Flamer Sound nicht was ich stark vermisse 😉 kaqnn man da was falsch machen warum der net geht ?

  7. zwergli66 says:

    heey der mod ist genial.. würde noch gerne wissen wie das lied heist das im Hintergrund leuft=)

  8. Bogdan Dusmanu says:

    A small problem with this awesome mod. I want to hear my gun when I shoot. But it does a small “fass”. How can (or where) I modify that my gun sounds normally?

    1. TheBigTurk says:

      Same problem here

  9. Rob Jackson says:

    This may or may not be a promod issue but I have never had this before. I was called away from my computer and when I returned, I have no tanks, no tank slots. There is a tank, the basic Japanese one, that I can go into battle with, but at the end of the battle I have to log out if I want to fight again in that tank.

    I did not touch the computer while not using it but I do have a cat who could have touched something.

    Please help me figure this out because I love this game and this mod is great but I can’t play now.

  10. George Stowers says:

    My dad is a WWII vet (90 years old) and I think he’d like the WWII songs and new clips include in the promod garage ambient audio file. Any way to get them in mpg3 or some other easily playable format I can bun into a CD for him?

  11. Rob Jackson says:

    New question:

    I have WoT installed in 2 directories so that I can play either NA or EU servers. Pro Mod only installs to the default directory so I can only use it with my NA acct. Is there a way to change the install directory so that I can put it on my EU directory as well?

    1. Aaron says:

      you should be able to choose at beginning, i made 2 seperate founders for NA and EU, i also play RU server. i made 2 founders in my C: and that worked for me 😀

  12. maikel says:

    Good morning, how can I take off the zoom??? Because I try and try and nothing….

  13. Touchy says:

    danke danke!

    wie kann ich die funktion ausstellen-am besten die datei löschen(wo ist die denn ist die frage? :D)dass bei tastendrücken(wie zB “v” oder “q”)ein befehl im chat erscheint?

    bitte um antwort


  14. blavla says:

    wie kann ich die tastenbefehle wie zB “v” oder “q” löschen?-bzw wo sind die dateien dafür?

  15. andre says:

    can you please make the installer window scrollable? I cant see the lower buttons and check boxes on my laptop. And I dont know how to access thoose.
    Pls find a solution for that.

    1. Aaron says:

      copy and paste on a flash drive your game directory, then go on to a PC and install 😀

  16. Ted says:

    Is there a way how to change the color of damage done by platoon members? It shows in red color, which isn’t much helpful for orientation… (used to be orange = worked great).



  17. Greg says:

    Question, in the game when looking at the opposing teams names in the upper right corner of the screen I see a symbol that looks like an eye. Not all of the players have this symbol. My team never has this symbol. The eye symbol changes from red to green. Sometimes its grey. What is this symbol mean? It’s driving me crazy!

    Also, after I installed this mod for the first time I was unable to select some of the optional items. I did a remove and re-installed the mod, but the options remained grey and un-selectable. Thanks!

    1. Bob says:

      The eye is whether the player is spotted or not. The green eye means he is spotted currently. The red eye means he has not been spotted at all yet. The grey eye means he has been spotted, but is now unspotted. It is actually a very useful mod

  18. MIKE says:

    also der mod is der hammer und die gun sounds + garage und die WWII musik ist einfach der hammer^^

    kann ich nur empfehlen beide daumen hoch ^^

    @maximum hetzer Rage/flame sound funktioniert bei mir super^^

  19. mato says:

    This mod doesn´t work anymore 🙁 RIP promod 🙁

  20. Lalalaman says:

    when i start my promod.exe i can choose between german and english wich is all normal but when the mod selection screen opens i cannot click on 3/4 of the mods can someone help me??

    1. Me says:

      LALALAMAN change the resolution of your screen…get the bigger that your screen can have….about 1920X1080 🙂

  21. Rob Jackson says:

    Sir, awesome work on this mod, but I have a problem configuring the xvm statistics. every battle the system informs me statistics are “inactive” yet i chose to have the active in the installer. Further using the xvm web editor to edit the config file fails to write a new config file and can not open the existing one. Is there some way to alter this? Thanks again for all your hard work.

    1. jimp says:

      i have the same problem,and every time i try to activate it ,awnsers me that “cant find configuration root”.i am tired of install and uninstall promod ,triyng fix the problem but nothing better.

  22. Marynarz says:

    Any idea which damage panel this mod uses? I overwrote it accidentally with theJimb0 damage panel and I want this one back, but even installing this mod from scratch doesnt bring it back.

  23. Bostjan says:

    Realy great mod, but with new realise, i have some problems. I did same as last time and now wot wont connect.when promod removed wot works…
    can somebody help

  24. James says:

    Installed ProMod for 9.1, and WoT fails to launch!! It sits at the logon ‘connecting’ screen until I kill the client.
    Uninstall ProMod and the game launches OK… Oldskool, any ideas??????

    1. James says:

      Update:- Removed a few of the options and reinstalled. Seemed to log in OK!!
      Removed the following:
      Radial Menu Reload Script
      AutoEquip CamoNet…
      Tank Info Panel
      Sexy Battle Results
      EU-Comm.de Bot Detect Mod

      Didn’t choose any options from the second pop-up.

      Hope this helps.

  25. romu044fr says:

    Like your mods but at any new version, game fail !
    just do the minimum you say and wot fail at “connexion” any idie ?
    just put dir of view, minimap and jimbo crosshair : does’nt work, sniff

  26. toinouain says:

    I can’t login because promod it makes me free but it is not connected

  27. tepis78 says:

    James says:
    June 12, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Update:- Removed a few of the options and reinstalled. Seemed to log in OK!!
    Removed the following:
    Radial Menu Reload Script
    AutoEquip CamoNet…
    Tank Info Panel
    Sexy Battle Results
    EU-Comm.de Bot Detect Mod

    Didn’t choose any options from the second pop-up.

    Hope this helps.

    Read more https://tanksmod.com/oldskools-promod-package-patch-0-8-4/

    Done all this but still wont connect, just connecting and connecting, what should i do with this promod? have worked fine before this new batch, can someone help me?im not the onlyone with this problem.

  28. Spoons says:

    It does not work! Game hangs at connection to server!

  29. Roadsweeper says:

    What happened to the WWIIHWA configuration? The old one doesn’t work with 9.1 and I want stuff changed, like the “spotted” sound from german to English etc.. and the English voice reporting ive a new shell loaded. All the configuration options that used to come with WWIIHWA… can we have them back please, or how do we get to them?

    Other than that, excellent work.

    Maybe possible to refine the turret sounds to turreted tanks only though? A lot of tds the gun was moved by wheel / hand, not hydraulics, sounds kinda odd having my smaller tds guns move by hydraulics.

  30. Irritated says:

    Why the heck the download button must be hidden every freaking time? How hard it is to put clear and obvious “download from this button” to site?

  31. rEcEpTiOn says:

    ich habe keine panzersounds kann mir da jemand helfen

  32. stondkiller says:

    wen is 9.4 for you mod pack

  33. stondkiller says:

    not working at all nou find no map

  34. ChrisTron says:

    Hi, wann gibt’s die WWII Sounds wieder? Sind bei 9.4 ausgegraut. XVM zeigt auch keine WN8 mehr auf dem Players Panel an.

  35. julio says:

    hi , euer mod ist gut , ABER , warum habt ihr kein ZOOM INDICATOR, wo man DIE zoom grösse sehen kann , und warum funktioniert XVM nicht so richtig , ? beispielsweise , wenn das spiel anfängt , sieht man die STATS nicht , Viele Grüsse…

  36. Panzerfranzi says:

    Kann den ModPack nicht entpacken… Dateien sollen beschädigt sein… Hilfe 🙂

  37. Diego says:

    promod is awesome 😉 I have one question: How to remove commands on “z” button and get back original commands?

  38. Soren says:

    Seems like the SPG Angle Indicator is out of sync.
    Could this be fixed?

  39. Ashutosh says:

    Fucks up english audio.. German audio, shitty quality.. Now looking for default audio..

    Other features seem to be working fine.

  40. Uninstall says:

    How can I uninstall the mod? help!

  41. Panzerjaager says:

    When can we expect a 9.7 update, game not much fun w/o my ProMod and by the way I love it and can’t seem to do as well w/o it thnx

    1. Panzerjaager says:

      When can we expect a 9.7 update, game not much fun w/o my ProMod and by the way I love it and can’t seem to do as well w/o it thnx Oh and u can answer to my E-mail if u wish

  42. Serguei says:

    HI guys i’m a big fan of your great mod. But i have a little problem, i don’t have the pen indicator in game on my crosshair. Is it normal?
    Thank you for helping me guys.


  43. Cro_legend says:

    I need help…! evriting is perfect BUT why players with 1500 wn8 are blue players after 1800 wn8 they must be bluo hov to change this pls somebody help…

    1. mario_cro says:

      ma xvm stranici gdje aktiviras statistiku imas u postavkama skalu koju hoces tamo stavi na defalt i bit ce ti sve normalno

  44. GeorgeB says:

    PROMOD forever !

  45. Salathiel says:

    Ok…the mod worked…even if not completly…i could not see battle results in lower right corner…xvm statics were not working too….i was just tweaking witch mod i wanted so i repeated remove and then instal process…..BUT now it wont even work…at the end i just write Promode couldnt access some file. end. And i cant even see mod files in wot folder. So? where is problem?

  46. Serguei says:

    I just install the last version of your mod (9.8) but the installation fail at the end, i have a message saying that “Promod couldnt acces some file.” And then the mod said the installation is complete. But when i launch my game the mod aren’t in, and i don’t which file it misses.

    I try to lauche the ” Bei_Problemen.exe” to resolve my problem but at the start i have a message “ConsoleApplication1 stop running.”

    Plz help me. I’m a big fan of your work and your mod.

    1. Kubana says:

      yes same problem by me!

      dont know how can i fixed it

    2. LordZaster says:

      Warum kann man die Funktion “IN-GAME WN8 berechnung” Nicht mehr aktivieren???
      gibs dafür ein bestimmten grund oder kommt noch eine gefixte version des Mod”s raus?

    3. Roastpork says:

      I got the exact same issue

    4. Chiller says:

      I have the EXACT same problem on my win8.1 system.

    5. prince_hunus says:

      I shit, Just got the same problem lets hope someone know a thing to fix this

    6. George says:

      the same problem here!!!!

    7. Lucian says:

      same error

  47. PEter says:

    The same problem as Serguei.

  48. Kristian says:

    Just installed 9.8, but the does not show in the game. Then i tried “bei_problemen” but the launcher closed with an error and now I cant even reinstall Promod. The error reads msinet.ocx is missing.
    I installed the SD version of WOT.
    Pls help.

  49. Bopp says:

    i have got the same problem 🙁 …

  50. GollrDK says:

    Same problem

  51. Riren says:

    Their website seems to be down, and mod installer downloads files from there i believe. So as source website is not accesible right now, no mod can be installed, that’s what i suspect anyway, which is a shame, cuz i really like promod

  52. 1ronFist says:

    Same problem. Any solution from creators?

  53. Serguei says:

    Ok guys. I tried an other solution and it works. May be because the team oldskools fix it. If you Download the Promod DIRECTLY on their website ( http://www.statswhore.net/?page_id=426&lang=en ), the installation is complete Without any error message. But between this new installation of the mod, i upgrade my client to the HD version. It might be this. So try to reinstall with the file from the Oldskool website, and if it not run, try to upgrade your Wot client version and then reinstall the Promod.

    I hope it help you guys.

  54. Urs Fox says:

    Moin zusammen,

    folgendes Problem taucht bei mir auf; ich kann mit dem 8.9 mod nicht mehr per Mausrad in den snipermodus wechseln. Das ist total nervig, weil ich mich jetzt auf die Tastenfunktion umstellen müsste.
    Wie kann das Mausrad-Problem behoben werden?

  55. jan says:

    Promod does not work with the last update.

    It took 20 minutes to download promod . 20 minutes to install and nothing happens. Have not had this problem before and have downloaded the latest version.
    Usually it takes 30 sec . downloading and installing 2 min , and then it works as it shoul

  56. DIno says:

    I have one cuestion,why i cant chose live ingame wn8 calculator anymore in your Promod,i love that thing and you remove it whyyyy???????

  57. uwest says:

    super, gute arbeit.

  58. volf says:


    Tks for your great work.
    Unfortunately, i cannot get the mods to work.
    Installation seems successfull but i only have a folder”audio” in my “res_mods\0.9.10” folder.
    Where are the main files ?
    Thanks for your response.

  59. dickt says:

    Useful information. Fortunate me I found your site by accident,
    and I am shocked why this twist of fate did not happened earlier!

    I bookmarked it.

  60. cata says:

    installed this mod, and I don’t have the option after battle to report players, is there a setting or something????

  61. Pintopino says:

    Bräuchte den MOD für 0.9.13

  62. 1hi2hi3hi2 says:

    It has a trojan trojan:win32/pocyx.F!plock

  63. Siso_Fighter says:

    I cannot use promod, it cannot found the updater.exe. What should I do?
    thx for answer

  64. Fred says:

    Very good post. I definitely love this website. Keep writing!

  65. WokcookingNinja says:

    There is a Trojan in the mod that Microsoft is lablin as Severe.
    Trojan: Win32/Varpes.M!plock
    This threat is a member of the Win32/Varpes family.
    Microsoft security software detects and removes this threat.
    This threat can perform a number of actions of a malicious hacker’s choice on your PC.

  66. Coral says:

    Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very hard to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appearance.
    I must say you have done a amazing job with this.
    Also, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Internet explorer.
    Excellent Blog!

  67. Vlad says:

    Hello! I have a problem with the new 9.14 version. I`ve installed this modpack and after that, when I receive a platoon invitation in battle, or I invite someone in battle, nothing happens. Platoon invitations are not working anymore. Is there anyone who can help me please? 🙁

    1. Ajnin says:

      I have the same problem

  68. WTF? says:

    Inbattle platoon invitations do NOT work… how to fix this issue??

  69. Dragan says:

    Mod for 9.14… sometime it happens that you cant exit from the game (after being killed) on ESC or you cant hit enter to type comments.

  70. Max says:

    Apparently TD angles making you unable to invite/accept invites to platoon. Plz look onto it

  71. Marian says:

    Se blocheaza la inceput sau la instalare, nu ma lasa sa instalez net.famework 3.5

  72. Khristoph says:

    Even without TD angles, you can’t invite/accept to platoons in battle.

  73. John says:

    Hi ,
    great mod pack, and my pck of choice, but can you add the white destroyed track mod if possible.
    I personally find it very useful to know this.
    thanks and keep up the good work.

  74. Lars says:

    How can I change the ingame stats from WN6 to WN8?

  75. Josephine says:

    I believe this is one of the such a lot vital info for me.
    And i am happy studying your article. But wanna observation on some general things,
    The web site taste is perfect, the articles is actually excellent :
    D. Good task, cheers

  76. Dennis says:

    doesnt work for me (9.15) which is sad :/

  77. csgo says:

    Exceptionally user friendly site. Astounding info available on couple of clicks on

  78. Yukimasa says:

    Don’t bother for Patch yet, almost nothing works

  79. Wings says:

    Same here, tried couple of trick but only got XVM to work. None of the mods work (yet).

  80. Mutant_Meatball says:

    Will there be an update so that it works again or do I have to install new files?

  81. Sotekaedo says:

    I have a problem after installing the modpack 9.15.1 with autoaiming – I m not talking abt aim bot, but just right click on the mouse – this basic function I have a feeling was somehow denied. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it aimes somewhere else. Little bit frustrating when you play LT, MT.

    1. roc971 says:

      some mods like autoaim and call/join to platoon don’t work
      please fix it

  82. BlackFiddler says:

    I just need the 8 bit song of the installation sound board its so gorgeous. Whats its name please answer as fast as possible

    Thanks 😉

  83. kalle says:

    Wot startet im spiel auf einmal neu..das nervt was kann ich dagegen tun

  84. madalin says:

    Does not work for battle assistant. Has bug does nothing battle assistant not working

  85. Elastik says:

    I am getting a Error: Access to the path ‘BBModsSDK.pyc’ is denied when trying to install the new 9.16? Anyone else getting this problem

  86. imre says:

    enemy chat don´t work. i try re-install.. only teamchat possible

    1. gigel says:

      Bro, its a game update! no one can talk to enemy – its done by WG! 🙂

  87. madalin says:

    does the battle assistant work now ?

  88. Hi there,I read your new stuff named “OldSkools ProMod Package Patch (06.04.2017) | World of Tanks 9.17.1” like every week.Your writing style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing! And you can look our website about مهرجانات 2017.

  89. Limeniks says:

    Pls get back battle assistant, your arty mode is nice to see but not good to play

  90. Faki says:

    Ich kann seit dem neuen Update nichts mehr kaufen.Ich habe über 2000 Gold aber wenn ich Tarnung oder einen garagenstellplatz kaufen will ,..kommt das Fenster:…sie haben nicht genug Gold…was soll ich machen ???

    1. popescu says:

      Kaufe nicht mehr

      1. popescu says:

        Haupt zahe ist wie ich liebe diese spil

  91. Gladstone says:

    Hi guys,

    I keep getting this message: “game resource path does not exist ./res_mods/”. Anyone knows how to fix it? I reinstalled WOT already, but it keeps comming back and I cant run WOW with Promod.

    Thanks in advance!

  92. Gladstone says:

    “WOW should be WOT ofc 😉

  93. Khan says:

    that mod had a problem in this last update please slove the problem

  94. Camel Toe says:

    I liked this one when it was working it has not worked for me in about a week. Please fix and update.

  95. anders says:

    First of all, i would like to thank OLD for a nice modpack, i am sure its lots of work.

    The “Battle Hits Viewer”, the 3d model in garage, where you can see who shot you, from what angle, and such… is in russian.
    I want to change it to english, but i know nothing about these things.
    I tried forcing language to “EN” in the Oldskool XC file “@ProMod.xc” , but i dont think the problem is there, but rather with the ProTanki mod itself.
    I think i had it in english on an earlier version, possibly around 6-12 months ago.

  96. porno says:

    Hurrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a stuff! present here
    at this web site, thanks admin of this web site.

  97. tittan says:

    Bei mir sind keine Kästchen zum Haken setzen

  98. ulrich says:

    error !!! 10.01.18

  99. ulrich says:

    Bitte – []

  100. ulrich says:

    Thanks bro. Have a nice day.

  101. cudzoo says:

    installed it for wot 9/0.21.03 and it keeps shut down game

  102. Ehsan says:

    Admin wake up bro its not fking working fix pls

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