No Sniper Scroll Mod for 9.21

No sniper scroll to 0.9.21 – mod which removes the transition from arcade to sniper mode.



No sniper scroll – small, but very useful modification for World of Tanks 0.9.21, which removes the transition from the sniper mode to normal sight by using the mouse wheel. This mod is very useful in in close combat, when everything is decided for seconds



Copy the folder res_mods in the game folder.


NoScroll  (100 KB)

8 Replies to “No Sniper Scroll Mod for 9.21”

  1. Hmm, no, scratch that. The Russian version doesn’t work either (crashes later on, when you try to enter a battle). Haven’t got this mod to work yet.

  2. Archive name is 9.13, but directory is 9.12
    When we decompress and rename, it works but behaves strangely (sniper crosshair stays on screen even when we come back in garage)

    1. The directory in the archive is now OK, but still behaves badly, sniper crosshair stays forever on screen.
      Waiting for a fix, I can’t play properly without that mod 🙂

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