New Year action from “10 bonus codes to 1000 Gold” – The Results!


скачанные файлы

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners
Today, we have identified 10 winners who will receive 1000 gold.
My congratulations!
List of winners:

All who won drop me a message:
Your nickname in the game.
Your server.


P.S. This man ( won 2 times! But, alas, we have only one code for 1 person

P.S.2. Soon we will organize a few lottery! You can win tanks, premium accounts and a lot of gold!

P.S.3. Happy New Year!

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Soon there will be more lotteries!

5 thoughts on “New Year action from “10 bonus codes to 1000 Gold” – The Results!”

  1. seb4771 says:

    Arg, i miss this 🙁

    1. admin says:

      Soon there will be more contests!

  2. misho628 says:

    I want it to much never had gold

  3. SimoAchtung says:

    i have never win anityng thx

  4. gary taylor says:

    gold how do you get this gold?
    or bonus codes

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