New light tanks and artillery rebuilt in update 9.18

As you already know in patch 9.18 will be different innovations and scale changes. About one of it we will talk today. In update 9.18, the tanks of level 10 will be changed. Everyone knows that light tanks are characterized as great speed, maneuverability, but too little degree of armor. This means that at the first hit, such tanks go to the Hangar.
The developers decided to transform the tanks of this level and completely redesigned their characteristics. Now the players will be able to love the game on such tanks again. The degree of armor will significantly improve, maneuverability and speed will remain the same.
We also want to note the artillery balance. This change caused a storm of emotions (both positive and not) among the players. Shots from the art will bring less damage to the enemy, the same is true for shots from landmines. It is also worth noting the new function of the art – stunning. This and other innovation in update 9.18 will be seen in this video.

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