[0.8.9] New Hell hangars: winter, summer, desert

Hell hangars – adds a new Hangar in 3 possible variants: winter, summer, desert. Authors: “Hellinger” (from the RU-Server) and “System98” (translated and adapted the mod). Compatible with World of Tanks 8.9.

Works with 0.8.9, just rename the “0.8.4” subfolder of your desired hangar version to “0.8.9”

1. Winter Hangar


2. Summer Hangar


3. Desert Hangar


4. Extra desert version that is night only so the texts in the garage are better visible.



All Hangar Versions 8.9 (98 Mb)

Archive with tank crews (3 variants) (10 MB)

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  1. Well you are in for a long hard job it is in the fuel tank and you have to drop the tank to get to it after you get the fuel tank off it is a simple pscoers to change it until you have to put the tank back in

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