NEW Detroit Map

Here is a new upcoming map Detroit. We dont know when they are going to release it so, here is a sneak peak to it.. a lot of people saying it looks like himmelsdorf? what do you guys think?




4 thoughts on “NEW Detroit Map”

  1. Michael G. says:

    Ok, So I live in Michigan, which is where Detroit is located. While I appreciate the shout out with a map, it reminds me alot of Live Oaks. Detroit has an iconic building formerly called the Renaissance Center, now owned by General Motors and is their headquarters, check it out on Google Earth or such, beautiful building. Maybe you could model that and place it in the city section amidst the high rise buildings.

    Something like that would really stand out on the map.

    I really enjoy the game, keep up the great work.

  2. Blade2322 says:

    Hey WG, cool to see a Detroit referenced on a map, it would be cool to actually see a part of the geography of Detroit used for the map itself, say like Belle Isle, or incorporate some of the freeways (like 696) with the on and off ramps as these freeways are lower in elevation then street level and would add more vertical playing space. So you could use bridge control and some lower tunnels with on & off ramps for more dynamic map control and rotational opportunities. 😛

  3. nokis231 says:

    It’s a combo between Highway and Himmelsdorf.

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