New Colored Hit Zones of the tanks 9.17

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We present our new mod: New Colored Hit Zones of the tanks 9.17 Penetration zone painted in different colors, so you can quickly navigate and defeat the enemy.

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 Hit Zones were developed for the following tanks:



How to install:

Vehicles folder copy and paste into World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.17\


hitzones (350 Mb)

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    1. If a tank does not work and is on list, just delete – erase ( _AM ) in name.

      Example; This does not work 🙁 This works 🙂

      This catch works at almost all tanks in this skin mod for 9,4

  1. Hello I can’t download this ?
    I get Access denied, can you tell me why ? i would like to have this skin/mod

    Regards Jacob

  2. and i can not see the german tanks ( Panzer Indien, VK3002DBV1, Leopard1, ProAg A. ) this is a patch from 8.4 😉

  3. The link to download is sending to a file with the name “goharu_wot_skins0.8.4.part1.rar”
    So even if this page description is for version 8.6, the file looks like it’s version 8.4.

    It is also referring to a part1 and I am wondering if I should be looking for a part 2 or something like that?


    1. Some of the colors can be deciphered by looking at the icons embedded on the color.
      Fucia (RED) is the most obvious (engine),
      but Green is up for grabs as to what it means, while white seems to have multiple meanings- as does orange.

      Can anybody give a definitive exposee ??

      Thanks – in advance

  4. It is a good thing u did the update in title (about “8.7”). I would apreciate more an update for the feature, which is still… 8.4.

  5. Well, file works with 8.8, but T29 is missing, some lower Tier tanks, too, T32 seems to be corruptet (so said my WinRar) and the colours are unclear.
    Red – Engine and/or Transmission? And/or Fuel?
    White – AmmoStorage?
    Blue – Commander? Or Driver?
    Orange – the other Crew members?
    Green – Tracks AND some general small week spots?
    These are my guessings …
    Other than these problems: Nice Work.

  6. Yeah I have gotten this same file and it said the same thing till my computer did a backup on my other hard drive and then the one I use started acting up. At first it would say that my backup was full which wasn’t right, then it would freeze my games in the middle of battles. Finally when I went to shut down the game my whole computer froze up, so I restarted it and it went into a repair mode which if most of you know anything about computers, thats a bad sign. So when it couldn’t repair whatever file was corrupted I had to use my OS disk to repair those files and literally clear out ALL the files in my backup drive. So pls be careful with this file. If you download it run a program to scan the files in the zip/rar file and double check that there are no bugs just waiting to get into your computer like it did mine. I’m still trying to get my backup drive to get rid of the files b/c it is corrupted so bad. So I cannot stress again be careful with what you download.

  7. This mod works in 8.8
    i on ly haved problems when unziping whit t34 model, i just mannualy selected all files but t34 and extract them, works great after that

  8. This is my most beloved mod, but…
    Some tanks are missing and some textures are broken. The new tanks are missing completly… will there be an update anyday?

  9. The File is corruped when unzip it i got only american machines no other the rar file gives me an Error where i can find the mod working properly?

  10. I downloaded this and extracted the file to my 8.11 folder but the hit zones do not show up in my game. I don’t understand why.

  11. Works fine. You should have a single vehicle folder within the “…World_of_Tanks\res_mods.8.11” folder containing a folder for each nationality.

    T29 does not work for whatever reason.

  12. Not all tank weakspot skins work properly like in WoT 8.11. Fix it Please. Let us Know when it is fixed. I loved the mod in 8.11. Great work. Only wish al tanks where included. Especialy most played tanks. Thanks for the mod. It realy helps alot.

  13. Would it help to create a list of skins that work and dont work? I already have made a MS Exel file with tanks that work and dont work. (one colum skins that work and one colum skins i’m sure they dont, wich you can sort at abc). Not complete yet but working on it. Every game i play i look wich one’s work and dont and put it in the file. And i play alot. But i dont know if it could help u out. If it would help you guys il be glad to finish it as quickly as posible. I gues 2-3 day’s maybe. Let me know where to send it when complete and if it would help or not. So i know if its worth the efort. I dont want anything for it, a thank you is good enough. I just like youre mod.
    I am 32j (male).
    ADMIN DO NOT POST THIS MESSAGE. Its ment for the creators of the mod. Thank You.
    More hands make the work lighter. 😉
    Friendly Greetings

  14. Says 9.0 did not work. dont know why.. PS. Pal told me after i mentioned this to him.. said Hit skin mod is Illegal and Can Result in Ban on NA Server.

  15. Doesn’t work for me at all on 0.9.0 anybody else? Is there a workaround or we just need to wait for the Devs to fix it?

  16. This MOD is not working properly, A LOT of tanks are missing in 9.0, not to mention all the new tanks, plz update SOON !!!

  17. I have to agree, none of the Hit Zone mods work in 9.0 even though many claim a 9.0 version. Shouldn’t advertise what you can’t deliver. Hope a true 9.0 mod arrives soon. Thanks for your efforts.

    Mortuus, you’ve joined Assholium. Hope you find your way out!

  18. Hi,
    sadly it does not work on several tanks I own.
    They changed a lot tank-label from 0.8.x to 0.9.0 maybe there’s the problem.
    In this case, I’m listing only those important to me :

    France:Bat.-Châtillon 25t, Amx 50 100, Lorrain 155 50
    Germany:Indien-Panzer, E-50, E-75
    US: T34, T110E5, T95
    USSR: KV-1(KV 220 works!), KV-1S, T-62A, S-51
    Japan: Type5 Chi-Ri

    For a full list write a pm or mail or whatever suits you.

    Best regards

  19. Red – the thin armor of the tank.
    Violet – ammunition , combat pack .
    Green – the engine.
    Blue – the fuel tank .
    Yellow – the crew .
    White – a top gun.

    That mean what does the color says.

  20. Notice a number of tanks do not display hitzones e.g. M103, IS7. There are folders for them in the vehicle folder.

  21. i find the Mistake!! open all tanks and look the Names!! if you see _AM in end, erase this. like make . i must rename over the half, hope that help

  22. Dude- this is an old Pack.
    After minimum 4 Updates and new versions, you really should have include the other half of the missed Tanks.
    With 9.3 you have NO new Tank and all other old Tanks, who are missed before are still missed…
    To sell a 8.x version up to 9.3 without changings is a bad job.
    Hope you include at Version 9.4 …..9.5……..10 the missed Tanks 😉

  23. When i installed this skin mod on to my wot 9,4 , Only 12 of the 30 tanks in a garage had skins of soft spots and only one of tier 8-9.
    Then i investigate 🙂 and fix 16 more tanks in my garage. In the end decided to fix all vehicles, because in game there was allot of skins missing.
    Fore some reason i can not fix Stug III Ausf. G !?

    Here is the trick 🙂
    If a tank does not work and it is on list, just delete – erase ( _AM ) in name.

    C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.4\vehicles\american\A80_T26_E4_SuperPershing\ ———–This does not work 🙁

    C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.4\vehicles\american\A80_T26_E4_SuperPershing\ ——————This works 🙂

    This catch works at almost all tanks in this skin mod for 9,4

    Remember that this mod is only to learn. Once you get to know the soft points, you do not need it anymore.

    Nice day

  24. absolute outdated !
    This will be the best Noob-Skin. if the Modder will include the new Models too….
    This Tanks are since 9.2 never updated – shame on your Freetime & will to do it 😉
    anyway, thanks to setup earlier this Version…

  25. un grand merci bon boulot continuer
    ou puis je trouver le correspondance des couleurs ce qu elle veule dire penetrant ou pas

  26. where do i install this specifically? i am the res mods and 9.9, but i dont know where to put it beyond that. i tried to put it in certain spots, but they did not work. anyone know where to put it?

  27. So many complain about “its for noobs and these tanks are missing”? The tanks you are looking for are tier 8 plus. If you’ve played that long to reach fighting them then obviously your either an extremely slow learner or just plain retarded. It’s meant to teach where to hit then you don’t need it anymore. So don’t complain about tier 8+

  28. hello I dragged the vehicle folder and dropped into 9.14 folder in res_mods it shows its in there ,
    didn’t let me copy and paste , anyway I started the game and saw no skin mod colours , can someone there help me please , think im close not sure ?

  29. I too have loaded the mod properly and am not able to get them to work. I am running 9.14 HD version of world of tanks.

  30. GB08_Churchill_I has no file inside. Assuming it doesn’t work but I haven’t tried it yet. That tank is the only teir 5 i have, I play with teir 5’s on other tanks but i can’t see for my self yet. Please fix this 🙂

  31. open wot with right click find res mods. open res mods. open latest patch open file with mod in then drag to patch file.

  32. it´s a nice mod but it´s a shame that over 50% of the tanks are not in it.

    There is alot of tanks that you write are in it but are not

  33. I have already place in folder res_mod/0.9.17 but nothing happen in when i look in garage. Please help me i like this mod.

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