New anime hangar from Miku (v. 2.9) for WOT 0.9.10



Here and waited! I think it’s just a holiday for lovers of anime. Because of this quality and style of anime hangar was not yet in the history of World of Tanks. For over two months, “Miku” develops its new anime hangar. He called the it – the hangar by Miku v. 2.9.


Miku Hangar – a project designed specifically for the contest WGDC in the category “Best modification of the game client.” Hangar is a full three-dimensional scene, within which various methods of visualization environment.



Work is executed in two basic subjects: sci-fi & anime, in particular, to a greater degree hangar dedicated electronic singer Hatsune Miku. Characters in the hangar: Hatsune Miku and Luka Megurine (vocaloid).


After the update 0.9.9 it stopped working, but thanks to our team has been adapted and you can enjoy its beauty and in this update.



Two folders – “spaces” and “TaLLIePO” from the downloaded archive to copy and paste into a folder of your client “WOT / res_mods / 0.9.10”


 Miku_Hangar2_build_910 (67 Mb)

67 thoughts on “New anime hangar from Miku (v. 2.9) for WOT 0.9.10”

  1. Andrew says:

    Workin on 9.3?

  2. Riccardo says:

    I copy the 2 folders in the game folder 0.9.4 but it dosen’t work, what can i do?

  3. dagnas says:

    sa ne fonctionne pas

  4. gAJTAN says:

    9.4 same Riccardo problem 🙁

  5. GMkraken says:

    same here.. are you sure it works for 9.4? copy and paste 2 folders to res_mods and no working… looks good hangar but not working 🙁

  6. GMkraken says:

    Not working in 9.4…. it looks really good but not working.

  7. Shigofumi says:

    working fine in 9,4 , just becos there is FURY hangar made by WG some of you may not have it working, so here is my solution(works fine with athers mod hangar also):
    go to (your game folder)World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.4\spaces create folder name: hangar_premium_fury , then go to (asuming that you alery instaled this hangar) World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.4\spaces\hangar_V2 ore
    World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.4\spaces\hangar_premium_V2 and copy all files there, then just past it to your new folder
    World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.4\spaces hangar_premium_fury ,
    it should overload the WG fury hangar, ore just wait untyl this event ends 🙂 if it fix yours hangar then you can do it with every WG event hangar in the future just go to World_of_Tanks\res\packages and find the new hangare file, in this case it is hangar_premium_fury.pkg, if it works for you then see you on battlefield EU server Shigofumi o7

    1. Yamato-kai says:

      that actually solves the problem

      1. dagnas says:

        moi je comprend rien c’est pas français

        1. Beliaz says:

          Qu’est que tu fais sur l’internet d’abbord, toi?

    2. Leumas says:

      OMG thanks so much for that tip! +110! I was pretty sure the fury hanger was canceling it out, but had no idea how to prevent that, and you answered my question. Now it works just fine, and its sooooo AWESOME!!!!! Max graphics is a must have for this one.

  8. rafa says:

    hola como pongo el mod esque no me funciona!!!

  9. dimmweeaboo says:

    yes! finally i can become a full weeaboo

    not kidding awesome mod

  10. fayying says:

    if not working try there site woke for me

  11. IMORTALL says:

    WORKING FOR 9.5???

  12. Shigofumi says:

    working fine for 9.5 and if you have after instaling it the new year christmast hangar then do the same like in my last replay up, the 2 new hagar names from World_of_Tanks\res\packages
    are: hangar_ny_cn
    and for premium: hangar_premium_ny
    jost do like the last time ore wait to this NYchristmas event hangar pass o/
    if it works for you then see you on battlefield EU server Shigofumi o7

  13. Max says:

    It’s not working for me (0.9.5) idk why, i just copy both folder in folder res_mod/0.9.5
    should i change something ?

    1. Peter says:

      Doesnt work too, still christmas from WG … 🙁

      1. Peter says:

        YEA WORKS 😀 . Need copy files to res_modes.9.5 and rename file for example from hangar_premium_V2 to hangar_premium_ny . or non premium hangar_V2 to hangar_ny. Try it 🙂

  14. perrkat says:

    Is that an actual scene from an anime playing on one of the screens, and if so what is it, looks cool and I’d like to watch it.

    1. perrkat says:

      ps great mod by the way, my favorite garage background

    2. Shigofumi says:

      perrkat it is ” Fate Network AMV” you can find this here:

  15. Delinquent_Hobbit says:

    just installed it for 9.5 minipatch 4 (i think, the one with IM’s)

    works like a charm, only garage mod that gets the gpu even more stressed than WG 😛

    if it doesnt work check if you have other garage mods installed. it works with circons modpack tho.

  16. sensho says:

    I have the 9.6 for wot and the garage didn’t work, i have to wait or i can do something ?

  17. Perseus_Nx says:

    Yes me too, i have the 0.9.6 version of this hangar and 0.9.6 for wot and it didn’t work. What can i do ?

    1. Doctor_Hurricane says:

      Hangar_premium_fury to hangar_premium_23feb_v3 change and
      hangar_premium_V2 to hangar_wgl_5s change
      have fun

      1. sensho says:

        could it be possible to have the complete file please ?

      2. sensho says:

        sorry i have talk too fast, i have found the problem myself : in the line “” , it’s was the hangar_premium_v2 who was choose by the game, so for all who have the same problem than me, change the line :


        and sorry if my english is very bad, i’m french 😉

  18. Ashee says:

    I can’t install this mod

  19. HODEM says:

    how bout in 9.6 chinese new year??how do i install it??

    1. HODEM says:

      i dont know how replace chinese new year hangar to this hangar… flashlulu asia

  20. origamiadik says:

    How do I install the mod?
    Sorry, first to install one.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  21. minlooknow says:

    I love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ^0^

  22. Shigofumi says:

    there is new version for 9.7, it’s working fine for me, so go here : and clikc to download it
    the file is TaLLIePO_MH2_710_97.pkg just change the .pkg to .rar andunrar it(don’t know why it is .pkg)
    have fun and see you on battlefild, ore at sea atm 🙂
    Shigofumi o7

  23. Doctor_Hurricane says:

    hi the mod does not work with me under 9.7 it says every update and crew can not go on

  24. ali3rd says:

    just wanted to let know that it does not work with 9.7, hopefully will be fixed soon because i hate the current wot hangar

  25. nodfals says:

    bonjour, pouvez vous faire le même hangard pour la 0.9.7 ?

  26. SIMCE95 says:

    It works perfectly on 0.9.7…Awesome garage tnx man 😉

    1. Shawn says:

      how did you get it to work? I followed the steps and nothing : /

  27. steven says:

    Hangar looks awesome and works well, but i saw that in game the tanks when they drive get particelet, please look on that if u have this too

  28. StifflerStyle says:

    I have the same “problem”: the shader decals are not only in the garage they are in game too. When tanks drive it looks fuzzy

  29. brazagusa says:

    ready for 9.8?

  30. Icecoldguy says:

    Waiting for the 0.9.9 update for this mod 😀

  31. HiddenIce says:

    Update for WoT 0.9.9 please…. I really love this mod.

  32. Jill says:

    Totally COOL!

  33. sam ng says:

    i couldnt find the space file…

  34. Lord_Sunder1337 says:

    I really like this hangar. I want this for WoT patch 9.9. Sadly i see it has been disabled. Please keep everyone updated if your going to update it for 9.9.

  35. Shigofumi says:

    o/ felow tankers, after reading your coments i decide to respon, so it is working for me in 9.9 perfect…..
    if some of you steal have the WG anyversy hangar up, then just read my first coment from November 5, 2014 at 9:59 pm,
    and the new folder name is: h01_bday_2015
    ore just do like Doctor_Hurricane ore sensho, just remember to change the folder name to h01_bday_2015 and have fun o7
    and nex time when WG will chanege to anathere event hangar just go like in my first coment instruction from November 5, 2014 at 9:59 pm ;( ore December 25, 2014 at 1:39 am
    and remember that new hangar file name for each WG hangars you can fine in game folder
    World_of_Tanks\res\packages and find the new hangare file, in this case it is h01_bday_2015.pkg, and last one was hangar_premium_15aug.pkg, if it works for you then see you on battlefield EU server Shigofumi o7

    ps. Doctor_Hurricane try to redownload the version that i link, it’s working for me;
    origamiadik to instal just unpac the file TaLLIePO_MH2_710_97, (read my coment from April 28, 2015 at 6:10 pm for this file) open it and copy all 3 folders TaLLIePO,spaces, and shaders to World of Tanks\res_mods.9.9 ;
    sam ng the spaces file is in World of Tanks\res_mods.9.9, of cors if you alredy instaled the file.
    hope i helped, and sory for my english

  36. HiddenIce says:

    Yay for update! I hope it fixed the lighting issues which I had when 9.9 kicked in. Entire hangar model worked without the particle effects 🙁

  37. Le Me says:

    I am running v. 9.10 and the mod works. However, everything is pitch-black. How can I increase the brightness of the hangar? The only thing I can see is a few elements.

    1. PainCake_HyK says:

      how do you install in 9.10?
      can you tell me how?

  38. Le Me says:

    Oh, the shaders folder is missing. How nice :/

  39. HiddenIce says:

    Definitely something is missing, I’ve put all folders into res_mods/9.1.0

  40. Jose Vhalendra says:

    plz help .. 🙁
    hangar is pitch black .. :/
    shaders folder is missing ..

  41. William says:

    This hangar is awesome, but why is lightning in the preview video looks so much better? I turned on maximum graphic but the lightning still looks fake 🙁

  42. Little Ting says:

    Dosnt Work for me. Just Black and White no Color and shaders.

  43. PainCake_HyK says:

    how do you install it on 9.10
    can you tell me how?

  44. Goku says:

    Is this New anime hangar from Miku (v. 2.9) for WOT 0.9.12 update coming ? Let me know. I love this 😀 dude!

    1. Killconfirmed427 says:

      Don’t think it works for 0.9.12…. But I don’t know if I am doing it right. I put all the files in and the garage looked messed up. Not completely black but it was weird…….

      1. Goku says:

        Same =/ I hope Admin will take care of fixing something up for 0.9.12 hangar miku soon. Keep eyes on update news any time 😉

  45. Wonderful items from you, man. I have be aware your stuff previous to and you are simply too fantastic. I actually like what you have got right here, really like what you’re stating and the best way through which you are saying it. You’re making it entertaining and you continue to care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific web site.|

  46. GhostViperFr says:

    If someone know how to update it in 9.17, please do it ! For the community, please do it !

  47. misael says:

    ¿podrían actualizar el mod a la versión lo agradecería mucho me encanta hatsune miku pero al actualizare el juego me dejo de andar el mod

  48. Serrace says:

    I wish there was a update for this, its a amazing hangar someone please update it

  49. Tarrent says:

    Can you update on please? 🙂

  50. WOt wan says:

    Please update 9.21. Please! Keep waiting for any updates

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