NEW [0.9.2] “AiD” Modpackage. Best WoT MODS PACK


Present to you my assembly mods under 0.9.2. Subject gained more than 9 000,000 + views. Mod Pack Updated 05.08.2014

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Mod list:

1) XVM-Lite (OTM + damage)
2) Arcade sight
3) Sniper Scope
4) Art sight
5) cutting away the black on the sides of a sniper scope
6) Viewing pickup for arts and Fri
7) Zoom
8) Zoom for artillery
9) clearing away the fog and bloom, improved lighting for cards
10) Improved visibility distance
11) More noticeable hit (Red)
12) Return the number of shells in the drum
13) The damage panel + sound in case of fire
14) Posted in voiceovers “enemy detected” warning bell on crit + modules
15) Icons tanks in battle
16) Display the resulting damage
17) Lamp (6 feeling) + Audio
18) Remove decals with tanks
19) The history of military chat
20) Turn off raskachek dynamic camera
21) The modified messages in battle
22) Improve the visibility of dead tanks
23) icon appears when the tank is less than 25% health
24) Mini Card with a laser and display the names of tanks by pressing the “Ctrl”
25) Remove the video loading
26) Screen (BF3)
27) Changed the wheel expectations
28) Changed the cursor
29) Hangar (premium)
30) The return of the old kinds of flag
31) hours in a hangar
32) Icons of equipment and ammunition
33) Female crew
34) Advanced skills and tips to the skills and abilities
35) Advanced Statistics (achievements)
36) More noticeable in the company of friends
37) Advanced Statistics after fight
38) Automatic landing crew
39) Colored messages after fight
40) For more information on the level of the tank, etc.


Important: There is a Russian language

 Installation and Removal:

Important: This mod pack install only an empty folder 0.9.2


Download Full Version (64 Mb)

8 thoughts on “NEW [0.9.2] “AiD” Modpackage. Best WoT MODS PACK”

  1. McCena says:

    Hi I have downloaded it myself and I noticed immediately is the installation menu on Russich.
    After installation I started de it and the whole game seems to be Russich … ansich no problem but I only speak the German.
    Could you fix vlt?

    Greeting McCena

  2. Komment says:

    Nice mod-set.
    But wtf BF3 shit! It is WoT!

  3. homersimpson says:

    Great big MOD Pack!
    It is possible to make a ENG version too!!??


  4. don fuq says:

    delete the “text” folder to use this epic modpackage in yout installation language
    (“text” folder is inside the modfolder)

  5. Gecon says:

    Hi Mod Pack is great
    But how can i change rossian voice?

  6. slick says:

    I have silmply changed the language in the wot game strater menu, the one that shows ur updates and news stuff. U can see a flag on the upper left side, next to the world of tanks logo, just switch it to english. Worked for me.

  7. grossy says:

    whats the difference between Rghost and Yandex version?

  8. CrissKross says:

    Error when instaling this “res_mods/xvm”

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