[9.15.2] Music from Nintendo and Sega games for WOT

Today we present not usual voice  mod with a set of phrases and commands but music mod with interesting selected music, popular in the 2000s, Nintendo and Sega games. You will not hear a modern arrangement, funny phrases, strict commands but exactlya you will feel a sense of nostalgia.

Gamers’ 90s and 2000s definitely understand me. Here you will not hear the voice commands, but you will hear very familiar music and feel again the lost feeling and emotions experienced. You will hear┬áthe calm compositions and very rhythmic. Predict the next song is not possible, but in the battle and in the hangar you will feel not expect emotions.

I have no doubt that fans of Nintendo and Sega will like this adaptatio. By passing the Nintendo and Sega mod has present a few dozen tracks of popular games. For your comfort, the volume level can be adjusted in the settings. Recommended music volume 40-60.


Music from Nintendo and Sega (500 MB)

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