More about patch 9.20 from QuickBaby

Hi, guys! Today we offer your attention a video from famous youtube video blogger – QuickBaby. As you know soon will be a new patch for World of Tanks 9.20 – one of the biggest content updates to ever hit World of Tanks.

In this update, you will have a whole line of Chinese tank destroyers, a revitalized French tank destroyer tech tree at least with the upper tiers all three top tier tanks (tier 8, tier 9 and tier 10) have got auto loanders.

In addition, it looks like 30 versus 30 random battles at tier 10 is also going to arrive with the 9.20 update. There also have been significant change to the way that the ranked seasons of play will work twelve new vehicles in high-quality and countless balance updates to some of your favourite vehicles in World of Tanks.

The video is going to let you know everything is to know about the upcoming 9.20 update. How can you be ready for it?  What to look out for? And so you can get the most out of your game in the next patch. All of this and much more in overview video from QuickBaby

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