Modpackage “DEAD” for World of Tanks 0.9.1


Description – Update to 0.9.1 release has been updated DEAD assembly mods. Unfortunately, some features had to be removed, but in the future they will be re-added. The assembly has turned out as similar to the previous version.

List of mods:
. Icons of equipment and consumables
. ZOOM mode for the arts
. ZOOM modes (maximum distancing camera x4)
. No sniper scroll missing
White Death (corpse) tanks
. Marker attack
. Filling the wheel “DEAD”
. Angles for PT, Art Sau
. Angles on the minimap
. Maud panel damage from Rabbit (Active
key Ctrl)
. The damage indicator
. Maud increase the brightness on the cards
. Removal of smoke and fog on maps
. Counter the damage done for the fight
. The clock in the hangar with the date
. Sixth sense
. Display levels of tanks and fighting in the form of a platoon
. Colored railway platforms
. The mood config XVM
. Mini map with the names of the tanks. Increase Caps Lock
. Colored chat messages after fight
. Maud orders and shoulder straps for the tank
. Advanced Statistics in the achievements
. New Sights
. Icons tanks
. Replacing stars on the Chinese tanks
. The new voice
. Removed the video screensaver
. Replacing the shells
. Removed panel (Allies: Enemies)
. Increased ZOOM in sniper mode
. Automatic shooting
. Visual display of “Deer”
. Ping servers on the loading screen and in the hangar

Important: There is a Russian language


1. Install the fonts from the downloaded archive
2. Copy the contents of the archive into the game folder
3. From the folder “res \ audio” copy all the files and put them in res_mods \ 0.9.1\ audio. Without doing replace the contents of this folder!


Modpackage “DEAD” (52 Мб)

4 thoughts on “Modpackage “DEAD” for World of Tanks 0.9.1”

  1. Tobu says:


    How am i supposed to change the language?
    Or am i playing with russian for the rest of this version if i dont change to another mod pack?

    1. Daq says:

      Erease the folder Audio end the folder text
      and you’ll be very Happy!!!!
      Wonderfull Mods


      1. Tobu says:

        Thank you!

        This is the first time i use a mod pack, rest of the times i have taken individual mods. 😀

  2. Andrei says:

    It works with audio and text deleted partial. The day in the garage is still in russian , u have to change the lolos.swf in gui. The radial panal is still in russian , u have to put one in english. But the WMN7 statistics are at the end of the battle in russian and i didnt figured out where to modify them in english ..
    Thank you in advance

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