Modpackage by 40_tonn for World of Tanks 0.8.10

Modpackage  from a very famous Russian player


Mod List:

XVM working with statistics

Informative art sight
Sniper scope with great functionality.
White Dead Tanks
Zoom in sniper mode
Scope Shadow Remover
Removed fog on maps
” the soul of tanks “
Full statistics of your gaming session in the hangar
The clock in the hangar , in the battle , the panel ping and FPS
Transparent “ears” command
In the chat specified recharge time
Expanded description of perks and abilities Crew
Counter the damage caused.
two rowed tank carousel mod by Locastan
damage indicator
Colored platform on the railway
History of chat messages
Compact damage panel with complete information about hit

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Download and unzip the archive into your game folder


mods 0.8.10 40 tonn (16 Mb)

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