Modpack by Murazor for 9.0!

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Short description:
Modpak complex includes everything needed to play modes: XVM. zoom modes, sight, damage panel and much more.

Mod List:

War mods:

Sight “Murazor like” – J1mB0’S

Anles Traverse

Info Panlel

Damage Idicator

Damage Panel


Commander’s camera

— Enable rocking

— Disable rocking

— Disable changing sights

Combat interface XVM:

– Setting configs

— Smart circles

— Use standart vehide markers

— Minimap lines for owned vehide

— Detailed log of the damage

— Ctrl Left – minimap Zoom

— Enemy spotted status marked

— Ping to servers

— Square of side 1000m

– Replace icons “Sixth sense”

— Bright light!

— Tro-lo-lo sun!

— Bombing!

— Radar!

— Warning! (yellow)

— Cross and skull!

— Warning! (red)

— Shark!

Sixth sense hold 10 sec

Radial menu

Hangar mod:

Hours in hangar

Colour messages

Sessions stat

Hangar in a cave


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Run the installer.


 Murazor ModPack (19 Mb)

23 Replies to “Modpack by Murazor for 9.0!”

  1. Great mod, one problem. My damage indicator box bottom left covers the enemy tank info when I sight in. Can I make the box smaller?

  2. Love it! Cant seem to get back to the “control box”. all I have is a uninstall icon which I don’t want to do. Any suggestions?

    1. yes there is, there is a box that you can mark or unmark during installation….unfortunately I cannot tell you which box it is until they put out an installer that is in English…..currently I have installed the Russian one and I don’t speak any language other than English……but I know that the 8.10 had an option. I lose the names of players above the tanks when I install this mod pack but in the other one I could check/uncheck a box during installation that fixes this problem…….

      hope this is a little bit of help


  3. can anyone tell me how to get this to install in english? The old installer had a language selection box, this one does not, so everythings in i guess russian? Can’t find a language selector anywhere on this download.

    1. My problem isn’t installing it, that went fine but after the install all the ingame info is now in a foreign language, there used to be an english version but this new 8.11 mod does not appear to have an english translation.

  4. well I downloaded this pack, even though it is in Russian and not English…..My garage did not change… far as I can tell this is the only issue with it….Please publish an English version of this so that I can tell what I am modifying during the installation and have English in my garage instead of Russian….the previous patch had an English version so I would expect that this patch would have one also……


  5. So could you pleas fix the XVM, fix the background garage (cave) and make it in english.
    For the rest it ‘s the best modpack I’ve ever used

  6. ei guys.. for those who are having problem with foreign language on the garage dyay unclick or un check the options with russian time… names…etc on the menu when installing the mod… i as well don’t understand the things on it.. just look at the picture… but im having a problem with the cave theme background…. hope can fix it…

  7. Well, I have fun in using this package, but reading menu and launching Russian shouts in game, start to be annoying for me. So for the moment I renounce using it, waiting the English version.

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