Modpack by Murazor for 9.0!

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Short description:
Modpak complex includes everything needed to play modes: XVM. zoom modes, sight, damage panel and much more.

Mod List:

War mods:

Sight “Murazor like” – J1mB0’S

Anles Traverse

Info Panlel

Damage Idicator

Damage Panel


Commander’s camera

— Enable rocking

— Disable rocking

— Disable changing sights

Combat interface XVM:

– Setting configs

— Smart circles

— Use standart vehide markers

— Minimap lines for owned vehide

— Detailed log of the damage

— Ctrl Left – minimap Zoom

— Enemy spotted status marked

— Ping to servers

— Square of side 1000m

– Replace icons “Sixth sense”

— Bright light!

— Tro-lo-lo sun!

— Bombing!

— Radar!

— Warning! (yellow)

— Cross and skull!

— Warning! (red)

— Shark!

Sixth sense hold 10 sec

Radial menu

Hangar mod:

Hours in hangar

Colour messages

Sessions stat

Hangar in a cave


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Run the installer.


 Murazor ModPack (19 Mb)

23 thoughts on “Modpack by Murazor for 9.0!”

  1. kin3 says:

    Love your mod.

  2. lupo22 says:

    Cool mod pack! 😉 very nice ^^ thanks for that

  3. loki says:

    Superb pack. It could be added color and skill of players too.

  4. D7G says:

    Hello, I have Tried this mod pack, comming over from another. XVM stats is included with this pack ?

    If so, Mine is not working

    1. RTX says:

      Same here, had xvm installed and working but after instaling the pack (w/delete old mods option ON) it wouldn’t work anymore.

  5. Kevin Matthews says:

    Great mod, one problem. My damage indicator box bottom left covers the enemy tank info when I sight in. Can I make the box smaller?

  6. Bob O'Rourke Jr says:

    Love it! Cant seem to get back to the “control box”. all I have is a uninstall icon which I don’t want to do. Any suggestions?

  7. ken hoffman says:

    Is there a way to get the players in game name to show instead of the tank type

    1. Josh says:

      yes there is, there is a box that you can mark or unmark during installation….unfortunately I cannot tell you which box it is until they put out an installer that is in English…..currently I have installed the Russian one and I don’t speak any language other than English……but I know that the 8.10 had an option. I lose the names of players above the tanks when I install this mod pack but in the other one I could check/uncheck a box during installation that fixes this problem…….

      hope this is a little bit of help


  8. sundogg says:

    can anyone tell me how to get this to install in english? The old installer had a language selection box, this one does not, so everythings in i guess russian? Can’t find a language selector anywhere on this download.

  9. pimie says:

    Hi I love this modpack but I have a question, is there also a mod for making all the arabien text english? or dutch?

  10. pimie says:

    Sundog if you follow his things on the movie you will get it, I can’t speak arabian too but it worked out all fine.

    1. sundogg says:

      My problem isn’t installing it, that went fine but after the install all the ingame info is now in a foreign language, there used to be an english version but this new 8.11 mod does not appear to have an english translation.

      1. pimie says:

        ow I understand, I have the same problem 🙁

  11. Schommelier says:

    Is there a Eglish version like you had before
    my russian is really bad i need english

  12. Claudia says:

    How do you have to get the installer in English? I love your it!

    1. hektor105 says:

      do you have installer in English ? Could you send me link or installer ?

  13. Josh says:

    well I downloaded this pack, even though it is in Russian and not English…..My garage did not change… far as I can tell this is the only issue with it….Please publish an English version of this so that I can tell what I am modifying during the installation and have English in my garage instead of Russian….the previous patch had an English version so I would expect that this patch would have one also……


  14. KOKO says:

    ENGLISH PLEASE!!!!!! u do a great job but make it in english!!!

  15. pimie says:

    So could you pleas fix the XVM, fix the background garage (cave) and make it in english.
    For the rest it ‘s the best modpack I’ve ever used

  16. ember says:

    ei guys.. for those who are having problem with foreign language on the garage dyay unclick or un check the options with russian time… names…etc on the menu when installing the mod… i as well don’t understand the things on it.. just look at the picture… but im having a problem with the cave theme background…. hope can fix it…

  17. Joda says:

    Well, I have fun in using this package, but reading menu and launching Russian shouts in game, start to be annoying for me. So for the moment I renounce using it, waiting the English version.

  18. Lirarn says:

    ENGLISH PLEASE!!!!!! u do a great job but make it in english!!

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