MOD_Zoom 0922_10 positions _x2-x60

If someone has a problem with aiming in sniper mode and the work of the commander’s chamber, then this mod is for you.
Annex 10-position “Commander-attack” assembly that is adapted to the client version 0.9.17.
Used scripting developments “koshnaranek” and others. Modified as deemed convenient.
Good luck!


Folder “res_mods” to unpack the root of the game


zoom-modx-10 position (78 Kb)

21 thoughts on “MOD_Zoom 0922_10 positions _x2-x60”

  1. vwrenger says:

    Sori aint working for me,
    not even when i use only this mod,!

  2. madcat26 says:

    don’t work for me too , no zoom

  3. darthc42 says:

    It works but I don’t like to press SHIFT every time I zoom closer and further. Please correct this.

    1. Chrystal says:

      I am finding the same issue I cant find a zoom that doesnt scroll out that far. Any idea on a fix?

  4. barthez says:

    hey guys if you want to keep scrolling just delete no_scroll.xml file in gui folder 😉

  5. zeus says:

    Guys in the gui folder there is a file called “no scrolls”delete it and it works perfect

  6. PchajDywan says:

    Delete NoScroll.xml in World_of_Tanks\res_mods.8.7\gui

  7. Chad says:

    So, my question is why is 30x the new zom max? After 8.5 all the sudden e only got 4 zoom levels and now we get upto 10 zoom levels but no matter how much we fudge the numbers it maxxes out at 30x.

    I dont need anymore at all but I really want to know what is preventing it from going further.

  8. wotuser says:

    Ne fonctionne pas /!\

  9. Larry says:

    I deleted the no scroll there a way to get it to go back to the default zoom when i go back to arcade mode and then back to sniper mode. ie. i hit shift zoom out to 30x,shift again to arcade,shift again,is still 30x.i would like when i hit shift to go into sniper mode that it always goes to default,not the last position i was in. thanks

  10. der says:

    (Zoom_10 pos-x30_NoScroll_No apagón)

    hay errores con el francotirador, más cuando el zoom esta al máximo, pero solo ocurre en cierto lugares y en ciertos momentos, uno de ellos es Minas, prokoroka etc. es muy molestoso, pero igual lo uso por que aparte de esto, esta muy bueno

  11. gridelas says:

    how can i go from zoom 10 to zoom 30 without passing to 20,24?

    1. Dellepude says:

      Close your eyes and keep rolling the scrollwheel

  12. קובי אביטן says:

    it good for 8.9 ?

  13. Mr_X says:

    Works on 8.11 .

  14. יעקב חיים אביטן says:

    do it for 9.0

  15. TamElbraun_II says:

    Zeus thank you removing the no scroll worked for me.

  16. wrenchn says:

    I get no 30X zoom. But I am able to change to “no scroll”

  17. Hey jut wanted too give youu a quick heads up.
    The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Chrome.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue oor something to do with
    web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let yoou know.
    The style and design look great though! Hope you get thee issue fixed soon.
    Many thanks

  18. adri3000 says:

    zoom in out dont work in 0.9.10 final

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