[1.2.0] Mod Pack with XVM by QuickyBabyTV

Presenting your attention the popular modPack from YouTube channel “QuickyBabyTV”! This ModPack included only the most useful and important modes.

Image 001

Image 002 Image 003 Image 004 Image 005 Image 006



Copy and unzip the file on this path: /WoT/res_mods/


QuickyBaby Modpack 1.2 (7 Mb)

15 thoughts on “[1.2.0] Mod Pack with XVM by QuickyBabyTV”

  1. Jyrob says:

    i am using 4k resolution and the sixthsense icon is misplaced in the right side. half of the icon only is seen. help will be appreciated.thanks

    1. aoaue says:

      Hi,guys WOT power leveling ? welcome our website :
      Thank you.

  2. Car says:

    Sadly it does not work.

  3. Amr says:

    good and the best mod

  4. GodSpeed_ says:

    No zoom out….not worth it

  5. aleksa1263 says:

    Only “half” of mods working , i see the six sence but i dont have statistic

  6. Paul says:

    This is not, as far as I can tell, it is NOT the true quickbaby mod! Just look at the files, Quickbaby does not speak Russian!! BEWARE!

  7. Brave SirRobinII says:

    after the latest micro patch update, I cannot research or view Techtree. ANY attempt freezes WOT.

    I am told it is a clash with xvm-based mods (of course, I use and like QB’s mods). Anybody got any ideas please

    Brave SirRobinII

  8. Amazing to view some real working resources. Thanks for sharing.

  9. mart says:

    QuickyBabys mod pack no longer works after todays update for me. I think war gaming dont like the fact he has defaulted it so you dont accidentally use gold. That was the reason i chose his. Oh well. Back to no mods.

  10. Pete says:

    Really nice, exactly what I’m after but how do I remove the ‘IT’S A TRAP’ message? It’s really off-putting.

    1. KDA says:

      How do I use my own “lamp” with the Sixth Sense perk?
      To change the lamp image for the Sixth Sense perk just place your alternative .png-format image in /res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/SixthSense.png

      Please note that file needs to named SixthSense and be in the .png format.

      Source: https://modxvm.com/en/faq/

  11. Scelleton says:

    not working

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